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Advanced research methods

The issues that these two articles raise are that one; culture plays a major role in influencing a decision of an individual. What could be morally right to a person from one culture could be immoral to another person from a different cultural background. The other issue is that different parts of brains vary in activities when it comes to moral impersonal, moral personal and non moral conditions. This kind of study can be classified as and experiment. This is because people who were being tested, when answering questions were undergoing brain scanning by use of FMRI. In this way, the researcher gets first class information as he is the one who watches the results come out (Joshua D. Greene, R. Brian Somerville, Leigh E. Nystrom, John M. Darley, Jonathan D. Cohen, 2001).

One of the factor  that the researcher seem to control is that he is able to prove that his findings are true by demonstrating his experimental results. The other way he uses is to explain step by step and seems to have a convincing power. The hypothesis in the study is that certain parts of brain and culture are involved when it comes to make decisions concerning morals. The researcher hypothesis was correct. This is because most of the respondents’ answers and results of the brain scanning were in favor of the hypothesis. The brain scanning followed the laid down procedures (Sandra Blakeslee, 2005).

When comparing the information in the New York Times and the short journal, the short journal has deeper information than the New York Times’. The key difference is that the researchers were working on the same issue but the researcher in the short journal went an extra step of doing a brain scan. The moral issue is that it is better to provide more reliable outcome. The information provided can be of great value to the society. This will help people to understand why people behave in a manner that is different to them.


Joshua D. Greene, R. Brian Somerville, Leigh E. Nystrom, John M. Darley, Jonathan D. Cohen (2001). An fMRI Investigation of Emotional Engagement in moral judgment. Science

Sandra Blakeslee (2001, September 25). Watching How the Brain Works As It Weighs a Moral Dilemma. New York Times



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