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Alexamara Marine Group Case database management


Normalization defines simple rules that ensure that a database is structured in the best way possible. it ensures that no data is unnecessarily duplicated .This means that no data is held in no more than one table. This is called duplication anomalies. It also ensures that the database has consistency (Date, 2006). The most important thing about normalization is that it allows the user to perform all types of queries which out errors.

1st Normal Formal Form

(CategoryNum , Category Description ServiceID , SlipID, Description, CategoryNum, Status, EstHours ,SpentHours ,NextServiceDate).

This is table in the first normal form. It has already been normalized from the 0nf because it has a primary key(Date, 2006). The table is in the first normal form (NF1) because it contains no repeating attributes or group of attributes.

2nd Normal Formal Form

(CategoryNum , CategoryDescription ServiceID , SlipID, CategoryNum, Status, EstHours ,SpentHours ,NextServiceDate).

This table is in second normal form because it is in first normal form and has no partial key dependency. It also means that there is no column that is not part of a primary key is dependent on only portion of the primary key.

 Functional dependencies in Marina (Marina Num, Name, (Slip Num, Length, Rental Fee, Boat Name))

The functional dependencies are one is to many because marina can have many slips

Marina Slip (Slip ID, Marina Num, Slip Num, Length, Rental Fee, Boat Name, Boat Type, Owner Num, Last Name, First Name)

To convert this to third normal form one need to test non key dependency . A table in 3NF optimizes the way of holding data with no attributes being duplicated anywhere.

Work cited

Date, C. (2006) What First Normal Form Really Means in Date on Database: Writings 2000- 2006: New York, Springer-Verlag, pp. 127-128.


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