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Application Essay for the University of Connecticut.

Many students find it rather difficult to fit into new environments especially those different from the ones they were brought up in. For one to be an asset to any new society that he/she is introduced to, adapting to it comes in handy. Given my ability to blend well with strangers and new environments, I will settle down without any problems so that I can start making valuable contributions to the University of Connecticut community. I consider my communication skills a wonderful personality trump card because it enables me speak a common language with people from diverse backgrounds. The medical career will combine well with these personality traits because it basically entails interacting with people. My strong science background will go a long way in enabling me succeed in the profession. I derive pleasure from carrying out charity work. I intend to use this talent in helping members of the university community in any arena of life. I intend to use my ability to mobilize others around a particular course to rally my college mates around activities such as helping the less fortunate in the society with the few resources which will be at our disposal.

Finally, am self motivated, an attribute that sees me undertake an activity for the enjoyment it provides, the learning it allows as well as the feelings of accomplishment it evokes. This will definitely ensure that I live up to what is expected of me in the new society without any supervision as well as any external rewards or reinforcements. Seldom do I get the driving force to pursue any activity from verbal praises or any other rewards and this is the reason why my motivation in every task hardly fades. This

attribute is bound to see me undertake tasks which are time-limited, routine and unexciting, which other people may not enjoy in the new community. Intrinsic motivation enables people to make sustained progress toward significant goals, learn to take risks as well as explore and develop their potential to the fullest. In my view, this would be very good for the University of Connecticut community.


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