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Blue Sky Software Consulting firm

Blue Sky being a software firm need constant change of leadership role since the technology is moving very fast and require regular up grades on the existing systems to compete effectively in the market. When Blue was the CEO he control this firm autonomously with little support from the technical staff, this was not a bad idea since he was the initiator but after being in the field for some time change was inevitable so as to get new managerial skills to spear head the operations of the firm.

Blue used to consult nobody in managing the firm not even the other executives in the various divisions. He had no strategic plan for the firm stating that that was his firm and knows how to manage it. This was a bogus belief in the ever-changing business world. There had to be no long-term plans like those that the one Susan Hubres is pushing for. Susan being the planning and marking director had to put in place measure that could see the firm through its’ past hardships. We have learnt that in the past there were no executive meetings to discuss on the way forward and make suggestions.

For any company to succeed in this era there has to be proper planning and the planning cannot be bestowed on one individual. Every department has its own problems, which need to be solved differently through discussions to get a wide field of ideas rather than relying on one person who can make mistakes. In addition, the other problem that faced Blue sky is the unbalanced distribution of works. The regional directors are young and new in the technical filed while the other side has those who have overstayed in the firm with many experiences in handling technical problems. This major problem needs to be solved by reshuffling them so that you get a balanced work force. Also the fact that older employees are almost retiring, they are less reluctant to expand the firm, if the problem is not solved now so that the younger directors get experience in future the firm might lack coordination due to lack of technical knowledge. Looking at various divisions of the firm they are managed differently, since this is a single business the structure of leadership should be centralized so that everything is coordinated from a central point and the new personnel should be motivated to be aggressive and expand the company.

To achieve maximum potential of a worker little incentives can do the trick. Appreciating their contribution to the organization makes them loyal and team up together towards achieving their goals. In the past Blue Sky have not been doing much on this line though there was promotions based on individuals skills. This was good but to attain uniform development all the employees need to be motivated regardless of their positions in the company. Those who are doing manual work have a role of ensuring the firm’s image is maintained just like the CEO and directors. Taking them for retreats just as Susan suggested is a way of motivating them and they will interact amicable outside work places and build strong understanding of each other hence uplifting the company’s goals to greater extent.

In addition, motivation can be done by setting targets and whoever achieves that he/she is given something on top of basic salary. In the past Blue sky give its’ employees retirement benefits as motivation and this actually maintained and make the teamwork extra hard to meet targets of the firm. Apart from that medical and insurance cover should also be introduce to motivate them even further.
The strategic plan is in the process of changing and decision-making is now done by all the CEO and directors in board meetings. This is a positive change because everyone is looking forward to achieving the company’s objectives, which will in the end benefit them financially. In fact, they are overseeing ways of reducing costs and increasing profits. Employees have been encouraged to be aggressive and venture into new markets to serve more clients. Also due to competition from the Indian’s firms they have put in place mechanisms of approaching that and even plan to hire a specialist to look for more ventures that can promote the industry. 

Blue Sky Company had the problems of poor coordination of its divisions and prior knowledge of ever changing market demands. For this to be solved there, should be a clear structure of managerial duties stating well the roles of each individual and put an outline on the flow of information. This can be done well if the firm set up policies and strategies on how to implement them. All policies and strategies should be tabled before a technical panel to discuss on them and make amendments before implementation. Following the theory of contingency there must be well coordination of all activities so that targets are achieved and the progress of each division must be assessed regularly to determine their position and potentials. The SWOT analysis should also be carried out to establish a good working environment and set up the team spirit necessary for the business growth.           

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