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Bundy's Personality Disorder

Murder is regarded as one of the most vindictive crimes that can be committed by society. There is one mistaken belief that murderers can be inborn, but this is a very false statement. No one is born a killer; it is our society who gives birth to a numerous murderers and criminals. Unfortunately, we are living in a very cruel world that provokes the increased number of crimes and miscellaneous.

History witnessed many murderers. Ted Bendy is one of the most famous and cruel criminals in the history of America and, probably, the whole world. In the case with Bundy, the lack of parental supervision and steady refusal of women contributed to him making normal man cruel serial murderer. Bundy belonged to a kind of man who let the dreams and fantasies control and guide his life; he supposed that life was an amusement and game. Everything in his life and all his surroundings contributed to making Bundy unforgiving, bitter, and mentally unstable person. During the period of 1970’s numerous females became the victims of Bundy (Sullivan, 2009). This man had an extremely unhinged personality. He was suffering from constant nervous depressions.  Absence of fortune, family and normal relationships made this person a cruel murder. Such unstable and cruel behavior of Bundy is rooted from his childhood, as his mother constantly neglected him and this neglecting resulted to a numerous psychological problems and complexes. 

When Ted was four, his mother, Louise moved to Tahoma and there got married with Johnnie Bundy, Ted's stepfather. People who constantly neglected him surrounded Ted. It was the first impact that put the beginning of the negative formation of Ted’s personality. Being a young boy, Bundy was obsessed with women and obscure sexuality. This is a result of poor guidance of his parents, who did not give the boy the opportunity to talk about the things of sexual character. It was a great mistake, as only parents can help in formation of correct behavior of the child and forward his thoughts and feelings to right directions.  

While interview Ted Bundy expressed feelings and said that parental participation and safety is very significant in a life of young child. He, personally, did not have such protection and involvement. Bundy was shy by the nature (Keppel, 2009). Being in the high school, he was constantly abused by his fellows and was subjected to disgrace very often. Although he was constantly abused and subjected to such kind of behavior, he was one of the best pupils and managed to have high-grade average during the period of education. According to words of the instructors, Bund was a rather pleasant and successful student.

As we know, love is able to change the behavior of every person. Bundy was not an exception in this case. In the spring of 1967, Ted met Stephanie Brooks, the woman of his dreams. This relationship would alter his way of life forever. Stephanie was the first love of Bundy and he was obsessed with such feelings. Stephanie realized that Ted did not have a particular direction in his life, resulting in the uncertainty. Ted and Stephanie finally broke up. This break appeared to a turning point in his behavior and crucial point of his future life. Because of personal faults and unsuccessful relationships, Ted created a personality on his own. Such personality finally drove Ted Bundy to psychopathic behavior. Bundy was so filled up with anger and frustration that finally resulted to his biggest aggravation and mania, women. Unfortunately, history of criminals and killers know many more malicious murderers like Bundy. Society tried to make a lot of attempts to understand the reasons of such behavior and find out the ways of struggling with them and helping such people. Due to Bundy the society who was the first serial murderer, the society was allowed to travel deep in the killer’s mind and make such type of behavior the object of investigations. With the help of the investigations and examinations of such individuals modern science managed to get the necessary explanations. Numerous mental disorders comprises sturdy biological basis and very often inheritance plays a very important role in the abnormal behavior of the criminal. In order to understand this, it is necessary to know and find out whether other members of the family of the criminal have similar disorders. Ted’s grandfather was a cruel person. Probably, this is one of the most essential reasons and basis of Ted's behavior. 

A personality disorder is considered the most essential reason of the career criminal. Individuals with the disorders of personality are very often involved in frequent crimes and episodes of disrupting or complicated behavior. Very often, such people are considered to be arrogant, dramatic, or even hateful. In accordance with the DSM IV Ted Bundy possessed the features of narcissistic and a sociopath. He is a sociopath. The full name of such disorder as sociopathy is antisocial personality disorder (APD).  Sociopathy can be sometimes interconnected with psychopathy, although professors do not always agree with this statement (Lyman, 2010). David Lykken, the professor of a psychology supposes that sociopathic individuals possess environmental root, but psychopaths are rooted in hereditary predisposition. The most remarkable feature of sociopathic type of behavior is that such persons can turn on the smile or use the advantage of different social situations to attract people from their surroundings into their own web. Ted Bundy, for example, would sometimes pretend a wound like putting the hand into a sling in order to evoke sympathy. All the above-mentioned facts and features prove Ted Bundy to be mentally ill person. However, his mental disorder is not inborn one, as they are the result of difficult life and conditions, as from the very childhood Ted was brought up in the atmosphere of neglecting and cruelty. It left the traces on the individuality of the boy and influenced his future way of life.

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