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According to Brown (1998), Cannabis can be defined as a genus among the flowering plants comprising of three recognized species namely, Cannabis indica, Cannabis ruderalis, and Cannabis sativa. The three classifications are autochthonous to South Asia, and Central Asia. Cannabis is a very unique plant that is used for a number of reasons, both positive and negative and its uses can affect the entire global society. Cannabis is known by a number of names, for instance, Marijuana, Grass, Attention Getter-weed, Dope, and Pot.

For a number of years, there has been a stigma accompanying the Cannabis plant and it has been seen as an inherently evil plant by most of the people in any given society. Apparently, it is the use or misuse of the plant that is bad or good, and not the plant itself. Cannabis can be eaten, smoked, or drunk just like tea. If Cannabis is taken in low doses it can bring about a relaxed state of mood while higher doses of Cannabis may bring about euphoria. It has been clear that, not every individual sees positive consequences from cannabis, for instance, most of the novice users and the high dose steady users have experienced increased paranoia or anxiety. It has been found that the main active ingredient of cannabis called delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, affects processing of information as well as speed of response such that the activities that involve skilled responses like driving can be affected negatively (Nahas & Latour, 1993).  

Cannabis is a long-lasting hemp plant. Over many years, the cannabis plant has been used to manufacture a variety of products namely, pulp, seeds, and medicine. The Cannabis plant pulp has been used as fuel and as a raw material for making paper. The seed has been used in foods but the oil that is extracted from the seed can be utilized as a base for varnishes and paints. The leaves and blossoms of the hemp plant excrete a sticky resin which is usually used in a number of medicinal functions and in most cases for entertaining people as they abuse its use (Potter & Joy 1998).

Most consciousness-altering drugs comprise of both constructive and destructive effects. Apparently, people use drugs following their constructive effects but most of them are not aware of the possible destructive effects. Therefore, it is the ratio of the constructive to destructive effects that propels much of the debates regarding drugs. Some individuals perceive the use of Cannabis as a better option, while for other people the use of Cannabis is more casual. Just like all the other substances, there is a possible price that can be paid regarding the risks to one’s health (Brown, 1998).


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