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Caucasian Reaction To Latinohispanic

Caucasian Reaction To Latinohispanic Being A Major Ethnic Group In USA By 2050


If the current population trends in the US continue, the total population will rise to 438 million in 2050.  82% of the population will be due to immigrants (67 million) and their descendants (50 million). The Latino population size will triple and will account for the region’s population while that of white population will increase slowly and will become a minority by 2050 (Maffitt P.). In this essay we will analyze the status quo of this Hispanic growth and that of the Caucasian who are currently the majority.  

Effects of US population structure by 2050

Data from America in 2000 show a steadily growing Hispanic population owing to a large number of immigrants, a high birth rate among the Hispanic who are younger immigrants contrasted to an aging white baby boom population (Maffitt P.). The news has been received with mixed reactions as more Hispanics are achieving upward socio-economic gains. The non-Hispanic whites have barred an all-out immigration ban. But on the positive side, immigration will keep the US population growing and provide taxes for Medicare and social security especially for the majority elderly white. The relationships between the native-born Americans and the immigrants will be strained and problems will emerge from the minority and majority view points of view (Minckler D.).

Another important aspect is the American definition which will be defined from the taken-for-granted as being ‘white’. Thus this kind of diversity will safeguard against taking one group as the norm for all others and pluralism is now the current multiculturalism. Linguistic diversity in America has existed as a bane of native’s existence to present but with the Hispanic majority, then the Hispanic language will be a norm although English usage by in America will be promoted to all. The natives in America by 2050 will most likely not hold power especially in the middle and southern colonies because of a huge number of Hispanic populations in the regions. The metamorphosis of who an American is may also be a source of contention as whites will be outnumbered. (Parrillo V. Pg. 8-17). Hence the American identification and ethnic identification for American will no doubt be an interesting phenomenon to watch.  


In an ever changing culture of pluralism and diversity, a corrective reality of an American heritage and the future changes are needed. This is because if today’s trends continue, the minority Hispanics will be a majority by the year 2050and we will experience a lot of changes in the identity, racism, immigration languages and shifts in power.








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