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Corporate Labor Relations

Labor relations are an expansive concept which mostly guides the relationships between employers and employees. While labor relations are mostly applied when the relationship involves employees in trade unions but also they can apply for those not in unions. Labor relations are integrated into a national policy on labor.  The government and a nation’s various regulations provide to the industry principles regarding the treatment of employees.

In the United States of America, labor relations gained a huge boost with the passage of the National Labor Relations Act in the year 1935. The National Labor Relations Act gave most employees these rights. The case was upheld by the high court around the year 1937.

The National Labor Relations Act 1935 also advocates for affirmative action. Affirmative action refers to an employer giving equal employment opportunities to the employees (Ackers, 2003; Kaufman, 2004). The employer is not supposed to discriminate the employees along whatever line be it race, color, religion, origin, sex, age, citizenship or even disability. Any discrimination based on whatever characteristics would be treated as a breach of labor relations and rights.

Forms of breach of labor relations

Many organizations in the US have for long time discriminated workers along the lines of race. Many organizations in the United States of America absorb whites at the expense of the black Americans. If all the unemployed black Americans were to replace the employed white workers only 1 per cent of the whites will be affected. This shows how important the affirmative action is and all the employers need to be compelled to adopt it.

The other phenomenon of breach of the labor relations is captured in the poor working conditions. This means that they are not entitled to any benefits, their pay is poor and they cannot join the existing trade unions. With such working conditions, those casual workers operate as if they do not have rights.

The labor relations call for employers to ensure job security for all their employees. Many organizations do not allow for permanent terms which require the employee to sign for appointment contract which stipulates the terms and conditions of the job including the grounds and arrangements upon which an employee can be laid off.

Breach of labor relations is always illegal. This is because it violates human rights. It also breaks the law governing labor in the United States of America. As a result breach of labor relations is a civil case answerable in a court of law. National Labor Relations Act 1935 of the US has quite a number of options to deal with such case of breach of labor relations. One of the common options is by ensuring that the complainant is fully compensated for any damages. The compensation can be monetary or incase the employee was laid off to be reinstated.

Another option is fining the organization and letting the fine go to the government’s kitty. The organization can also be compelled to adopt the regulation and execute it to all its employees. This will ensure that employees get more permanent terms, job security, better pays, form trade unions which can fight for their rights when need be.

In conclusion, there are two broad forms which breach of labor relations can take. The first form of breach includes discrimination of the person along a given line For instance. color or race. This influences who gets a job and who does not. The other form is as a result of violating human rights For instance. poor working conditions.



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