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Decision Making

Practically every day people are involved in thinking and making decisions, connected with different aspects of our life. We require decision making every day that is why it is very important not to make the mistake and make the correct decision. The process and result of making decisions depend upon different factors that are very important to take into account. Moreover, the ways of making decisions are also very diverse. For instance, someone make the decisions by flipping a coin, taking a guess, considering the thoughts and feelings of others, thinking about  values and beliefs, pros and cons, complying with an assignment declaration, or choosing a solution that has more positive and less negative consequences. In order to comprehend the decision making process, we should look at precisely what goes in that process and apply it to the situation in a real world.  While making the decision, we should always remember about the consequences and the effects it may have on the other persons surrounding us. When we are able peacefully look at all the reasons we have on both sides of the question, it will frequently become rather obvious which side really is accorded with our principles, what will be the best thing to do.

Speaking about me, one of the most important decisions that I had to make in my life was entering a higher educational establishment and choosing the best university for me. In this situation, any person, as usual, faces up with the alternative, between entering university or looking for a job. Choosing a college or university is, probably, one of the most important decisions in life of every person, as it is connected with future of life and success. I had to spend a lot of time while picking up information about all the excising universities in the country and in the nearby districts. While making this decision I had to weight all positive and negative outcomes, results and consequences. In this case, assistance of the relatives can become very helpful, as they can give very useful pieces of advice and forward one’s thoughts in the necessary directions. Surely, this process was not lack of troubles and hesitations. First of all, I hesitated about the costs and price for education and did not will I be able to pay my tuition. Then I decided to enter university in any case, whatever difficult it might be, as education is very important in our life. I have chosen the university that completely satisfied my needs and started working hard over the preparation to the entrance exams. Finally, I entered the university and at the moment, I think that it was one of the most successful decisions in my life.

Critical thinking is a very popular and helpful way for making decisions. It involves several strategies. I used them while making my decision. The first standard of critical thinking is setting up the goal and the main objective. My main objective was entering the university and choosing the best variant for me. The main problem that I faced up was the cost of tuition. It was one of the main obstacles for me, but after long reflections made the correct decision. The next part of the critical thinking strategy that I used for making my decision is the collection of the information and data. Therefore, I had to make some investigations about the universities in our country to choose the most appropriate variant for me. Unfortunately, this stage takes quite a great amount of time, but it is necessary, as the most important decisions require time and in-depth thinking. Needless to say, that making the decision s the process that should not be conducted in a hurry, as it influences not only your life but the life of your surroundings.

Finally, when everything was ready, I tried to evaluate all benefits and disadvantages of my decision, trying to foresee the way it can influence my life. To may mind, this is very important while the decision making process, that is why thinking of the consequences is very significant. Therefore, I think that my skills of critical thinking appeared to be very useful for me.

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