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Discussion Board 2 Homosexuality


Homosexuality has become a very controversial issue in the past few months. Homosexuality has been defined as sexual behavior, attraction and intimacy among people of the same sex more so people of the male gender. It has to do with experience on sexual, romantic and affection attraction.

The society has two views on homosexuality. There are people who look at homosexuality as aberration. That it is a disorder which is a pathological behavior.

There is another opposing group of people that see homosexuality as a normal deviation in the human condition.  They say that it is determined before birth and that it is natural and normal for those that are thus oriented. This two opposing sides has had a major fight as to whether the condition should be allowed by the society or not. This paper explains why it should not be encouraged in the society.


The question then is: How is homosexual harmful to the society and to individuals? Is homosexual beneficial to the society in any way? Homosexuality has had both advantages and disadvantages. However the advantages are only for those practicing it whiles the disadvantages have impacted both those who practice it and the rest of the people in the society. Most negative effects of homosexuality has been blamed on the society`s unwillingness to support gay relationships. However even if the society had agreed to support them the negative effects would have been worse because many would commit themselves openly to homosexuality aggravating the situation (Clinard and Meier, 2007).

Statistics from a research carried out by Kinsey study indicated that homosexual men are likely to commit suicide six times more than heterosexual men. The rate of promiscuity displayed by heterosexual men are very high for instance 75 percent of the respondents admitted that half of those they had sex with were complete strangers. This exposes them to sexually transmitted diseases.

Anal sex is a common practice among the gay people. This causes serious physical injuries because it destroys internal tissues and weakens the anal sphincter resulting to serious medical issues. People in homosexual relationships cannot have children except only if they look for partners who are not of their sex. Thus these relationships do not contribute in any way in providing for the society`s next generations and more so they are short lived. They do not have a complementary aspect that is healthy for individuals, children and the society at large.

These individuals put the society at pains treating the illnesses they get especially their family members. Heir family members are disturbed both psychologically and financially.

Most people in the society who argue for homosexuality and participate in it are positive about it more on the sexual attachment and satisfaction that they obtain from it. They actually know that the practice cannot bear them children nor fulfill their emotional need. In fact this is why those who practice homosexuality do not have long term relationships. This is because they move from one relationship to another because they are interested in the physical gain and satisfaction they get from it as opposed to emotional satisfaction. They know that the practice is more likely to get them infected with sexually transmitted diseases (Stewart, 2003).

The question most homosexuals want addressed is why the society will not accept them the same way it accepts the heterosexual people. The question the heterosexual group asks is why the gays cannot stop that practice yet it is harmful not only for them but for the entire society and how homosexuality can be an in born condition yet it was unheard of in the early years.


These questions can be addressed by consulting the medical and psychological practitioners. It will be important if people understand that the negative aspects of homosexuality outweigh the positive aspects and that the male and female genders are in this world to complement each other. Therefore people should avoid homosexuality as much as possible and embrace heterosexuality which is advantageous.


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