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Discussions on Psychological Theory

Present paper deals with the discussions of the psychological theory and its main principles. According to this theory, usage of drugs and people’s addiction to them can be explained by different factors.

The first case under discussion is usage of drugs because of two main factors contributing it. They are reinforcement and personal problems. I completely agree that the positive reinforcement is one of the key factors, making people use drugs. Pleasurable sensations, accruing after drug usage is the main reason of the desire to get drugs again and again. That is why, all people who are addicted to drugs, explain their addiction by this reason. The next motivation for the drug abuse is problems in the emotional life. When people have certain emotional or personal troubles, such as problems in family or relationships, they suppose that drugs are the only way out that can help them to escape from reality.

The next point under discussion is drug addiction due to the inadequate personality. People, having the features of the inadequate personality experience low self-respect and feel constant failure of life. As a result they are more apt to become addicted to drugs. I can not agree more with this fact, as in our life there are quite many examples when individuals who are not satisfied with their life try to change this situation with the help of drugs. They think that only under the influence of drugs they can feel more self-confident and successful.

The final topic of drug abuse reasons is unawareness of people about the negative effects of such addicting and absence of will power. In this case, the factor of negative reinforcement occurs. Very often, people, suffering from unbearable pains start using drugs in order to decrease pain and unpleasant feelings. They do it without complete understanding of the results, as the only motivation for them is pain relief. Weak will power or its complete absence is very significant factor that should be mentioned. People who are lack of will power have more chances to get into drug dependence. For such people it is very difficult to resist the temptation of drug usage, especially when they are influenced by the friends who are already abused by drugs. 

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