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Finding the place in the sun. Single but not alone.

It would be a fair statement to claim that each person is brought into this world with a goal to obtain. To put it in other words, we, the humans, are born to put in spoke, to make a contribution, and at last to leave an imprint in the history, however loud it may sound. In this tight connection there arise the questions like where do I live? why do I have to do this? what do I need to live a decent life?

Such issues can’t but touch anyone who is an indispensible part of the society. Naturally, the social environment can’t be perceived as just the medium we live in. Rather, it is a highly advanced system that comprises normal and moral principles and values, rights and responsibilities to follow and fulfill. The face and the inner nature the society has are conditioned by its integral parts being the humans. Moreover, we can judge the level of development of a particular country or a state considering the social indicators of well-being.

Needless to say, with the aim to find one’s niche in social structure, everyone is passing a certain route of socialization process, from micro to macro entities. Thus, the initial environment of a child’s world outlook formation is the family. The second step of “evolution” is represented by educational institutions such as nurseries, schools, colleges, universities. But still, not everyone can take his or her place in the sun. So, what hinders the road to a cherished wish and self-actualization?

Actually, the list of the factors can appear to be endless. Here, different social issues can be viewed and addressed, among which are juvenile delinquency, one-parent or disadvantaged family, etc. Up to a point, one of the above mentioned sore points is the problem of a young single mom, who happened to be in the struggle for the opportunity of getting education. Such destiny lot fell upon me, a young mom with a three year old child. Indeed, the situation is disagreeable. Whether such moms would feel in the lurch or not depends on the existence of some protection.

Clearly, for the individuals not to be left high and dry, the social system is supposed to envisage the elaborated programs. In case of young moms to assist in their education a sort of subsidizing should be foreseen. A scholarship, for instance, will provide me a chance to get proper education. In addition, it will to some extent prevent the negative perception of my child as an obstacle for career. Thereby, a scholarship would also alleviate the stressful situation of simultaneous work-and-study hectic life flow, since it at least guaranties a precondition of further higher education involvement. Besides, we can’t deny the fact, in order to achieve a grant a candidate is obliged to demonstrate a corresponding level of knowledge. For now I am currently a student of a school, but aspire to major in administration of justice, which is the sphere of my interest. Hence, not of the least importance are preparatory high school extra courses and also some financial support for young moms and I am convinced they are really helpful.

Why are the scholarship and financial aid so substantial? Virtually, it is one of the key factors of problem solutions. Think only, how much a young girl in the role of a mom can earn if she even didn’t get a college or university degree. The answer is obvious. As my experience shows, not too much. Therefore, in attempts to earn for a living being a mom I am left with little if no time for my education. So, a scholarship will help avoid the probability to leave school at all. Being the only breadwinner in a family by means of getting scholarship I have a true chance to save the earned money and use the scholarship to pay for tuition.

I think when a young mom is forced to be out of school or college education stream, it mustn’t completely and totally deprive her of the possibility to get back and continue studying. In fact, it is the scholarship called for to meet this need. Even though, I am aware of and ready for the routine I am going to encounter. I will have to start looking for an appropriate grant what can take a lot of time. Still, the benefits can’t be neglected. After all, no sweet without sweat. A baby for a young single mom should be an incentive rather than a burden.  There is an amazingly vast scope of programs for young mothers to select from. Concerning myself, I am in the search of the scholarships to match my particular situation, my professional inclination, abilities, level of knowledge. What also matters, I’ve learned the lesson of life – a mom must never give up and lose heart but rather pluck it up. In any confusing and hard situation a life may prepare for us, we mustn’t twiddle our thumbs and give way to despair. To put it briefly, diverse factors contribute to or on the contrary encumber a person’s socialization and development. It is my firm belief, that nothing seek, nothing find and a wise proverb ‘proof of the pudding is in the eating’ is worth adding to the armory of everyone’s life.

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