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Human Resource Management

It might sound indisputably to say that the planet we inhabit and all living beings are under the constant process of movement. Still, another true point suggests itself. The movement appears to be quite an ambiguous notion, since it can be represented by either progress or regress. Needless to say, the contemporary world strives for constant development, evolvement and progress.

In this tight connection emerges the notion of leadership, the latter in its turn provokes competition. Nowadays world with its immitigable and unforgiving race and pace inevitably induces companies to be involved in the competitive rush. Clearly, to be the first means a lot. In attempts to take dominant position in the marketplace of rivals the companies are forced to resort to complicated strategies and tactics. After all, leadership is undoubtedly worthwhile expending some effort with the intention to overcome obstacles and hindrances on the way. Currently contest participants encounter the difficulties to be tackled. They are facing a trickish problem of competitive challenges, these being the challenge of sustainability, global challenge and technology challenge.

With the aim to have a clear idea of how the above mentioned challenge factors matter, let’s scrutinize a company’s inner structure in general. It’s true to claim, each company focuses on success but to make this success feasible it has to attract a lot of resources. First of all, it is people employed, thus forming the personnel in each company’s department. Second of all, that is technological base. Third of all, inputs into the research field. Fourth of all, it is the company budget that forms the condition for the company’s development and all its constituents’ improvement.  Thus we deal with the mutual interconnection and interdependence. Hence, it’s hard to imagine each sector of the company’s arrangement to do without a human resource as a ‘fuel of production’ (Jeremy Gutsche. 2009, Sept. 23). The extant to which a separate staff member and the whole coherent team will be the contribution to the company depends on the high quality of the functions performed. Therefore the human resources management (HRM) plays the role of an accelerator and intensifier of the employees’ potential leading to the prosperity of the company. Moreover, the HRM practices are supposed to be in compliance with the company’s rules and the main policy it pursues (Carter McNamara). So, the HRM is called for promoting the capabilities of each company’s member by means of special programs and training courses to reach the goals of a particular organization. Up to a point, we need to elucidate the whole HRM system’s mechanism. By means of being involved in the process of personal ‘upgrading’ each member acquires useful experience and enhances his or her own proficiency. But how can be a global challenge addressed? The answer is in the thoroughly elaborated HRM strategy that may be seen as follows.

With the help of clever HRM each particular specialist in the sphere of his or her responsibility becomes not only aware of the technological novelties, progressive engineering, international economic and political situation, but also of how the acquired knowledge can be applied in the company’s specific sector. Thus, the technological challenge becomes not so irresistible and insurmountable with the highly qualified collaborative team of computer engineering workers, IT specialists who are always in the know of changes and are the first to develop new and new high tech ‘products’.

The processes of globalization and integration embrace the international market as well. Contemporary situation in the global marketplace is that the customers’ demands are constantly rising, by this forcing the companies to always keep its head on a swivel not to let a client slip into another company’s hands. Thus we speak about the global competition scale. Giving the unceasingly changing global picture, arises the necessity of the company’s prompt operational response and reaction what increases the demand in HRM practices with the help of which the staff research the modern global tendencies to implement the information gathered and expand the horizon of the company’s activity and investment policy offshore.

The HRM assists in overcoming the challenge of sustainability. Virtually, the very term sustainability presupposes to be able to endure, survive by reducing and eliminating negative influences. Due to the cooperative and joint efforts and powerful technological armory, awareness in the world processes the company’s business is sure to keep up with the time and secured against defeat in every day struggle for leadership and thus is able to demonstrate long-term performance and prosperity on the global market.

HRM doesn’t stand still either. It introduces and encloses new approaches and methods to develop the resistance to negative and formidable global factors. The importance of such organization as the HRM is dramatically increasing, since its practices are directed to and focused on the company-bound policy and flexible, subtle and smart human resource coordination and monitoring by proving constant and systematic trainings. Not of the least is the strategy of the contemporary HRM that also realizes the role of technologies in making the administration performance not so time-consuming and the staff productivity more effective. On the whole, the human resources (HR) being an integral part of any organization, company, enterprise by means of skillful HRM are the driving power in counteracting the competitive challenges that may inflict damage not only on the company’s finances but also be menacing to the whole company’s organism.

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