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I. Introduction

The term Haram implies “an act which is prohibited.”

II. What are some of the reasons that some Muslims consider music to be Haram?

There are a number of reasons which explain why some Muslims consider music to be Haram.



The term Haram implies “an act which is prohibited.” This is in accordance with the Islamic religion. The followers of this religion (the Muslims) consider the act of listening to any kind of music for instance, Soul, Religious, or even Rhythm and Blue to be an offense. Also, according to them, Islamic religion prohibits whichever form of singing, and usage of musical gadget(s) during this process. These acts according to this religion are enough reasons for disgusting our hearts. They are also responsible for waning it (the heart) (Miller and Shahriari 10).

What are some of the reasons that some Muslims consider music to be Haram?

There are a number of reasons which explain why some Muslims consider music to be Haram.

One, in the holy book of Islam (the Koran), it is written that “any person who procures/buys redundant talks with the sole-purpose of giving fellow human being(s) the wrong impression regarding what God has commanded via ridicule shall severely be punished.” Scores of Islamic studies academicians across the globe have interpreted the expression ‘redundant or idle talk’. To them, this expression implies ‘chanting/singing’ (Hamditabligh).

Two, in one occasion, Prophet Mohammed said that “some Muslims deemed a number of societal vices to be legitimate.” These include adultery, and consumption of alcoholic beverages. Others are donning of silk regalia and usage of musical gadgets during worship. He further stated that several followers of the religion shall stay out at the foothills of the ton/mountain from sun up to sun down waiting for the arrival of the marshals/shepherds. They shall be compelled to do this so as to pose a number of queries. However, the marshals shall inform them to go back to their respective places of residences, and return to the foothills the following day. Mohammed noted that “God shall completely destroy these followers throughout the night. Furthermore, he (Allah or God) shall use his superpowers to permit the ton to descend on them thereby destroying them completely (Hamditabligh).

Mohammed in addition noted that Allah shall perform miracles and change those followers who will not have been destroyed into certain wild and domestic animals. These include monkeys and pigs. The transformed individuals shall stay in this form till renaissance. Many Muslim leaders and Islamic studies specialists have interpreted these remarks. They have suggested that Mohammed considered usage of musical gadgets to be illegitimate, and therefore no Muslim should attempt to do so. One of the specialists is Ibn Al-Qayyim. He authored a book which is known as ‘Ighathat Al-Lahfan.’ In this book, he argues that “Mohammed banned these vices, but mankind didn’t heed to this prohibition, and continues to perceive them (the vices) as legitimate” (Hamditabligh).

Three, during his lifetime, Prophet Mohammed was asked by one of his follower “why he had stated that those individuals who worshipped, and offered sacrifices to God including those who believe that he (Mohammed) is Gods’ herald, and those who follow all the other Islamic teachings and laws shall be changed into animals.” The Prophet (Mohammed) answered him that this “is owing to their utilization of musical gadgets during worship.”

Four, it is written in the holy book of Islam that God censured the worship of ‘Kuffar’s’ at a place called ‘Kaa’bah’. This implies that Allah, censured/criticized those Muslims who revered him at this place since they practiced ‘Muka'an’. Furthermore, they practiced ‘Tasdiyah’. In accordance with well known Islamic studies scholars, the term ‘Muka'an’ implies shrilling or whistling. The term ‘Tasdiyah’ on the other hand implies applauding/clapping of hands during singing.

Five, it has well been documented by well known Islamic religion experts that the act of listening to any kind of music is a significant contributor to the reinforcement of the Devilish customs, and therefore, qualifies to be Haram. Also, they have argued that there is no single occasion in which the Messenger of God (Mohammed) in his lifetime together with his cohorts assembled so as to sing. In this regard, the academicians conclude that “no Muslim should partake in any form of singing.”

Six, some Muslims argue that this act (of listening to music) over the radio and more has a higher likelihood of making the sentiments/emotions of the listener to turn out to be less zealous once he or she hears Islamic teachings. Scores of the followers of this religion also argue that musical gadgets/instruments belong to the devil.  Due to this reason, any person who pays attention to them (the musical instruments) shall thereafter boogie/dance very much. This person will on a prayer session pray rapidly. He-or she shall in addition pray while sitting as opposed to kneeling (Scott 23).

Seven, Islamic religion requires every Muslim to declaim/recite the holy book during worship. However, according to well known academicians, any person who listens to music shall suffer from a number of mental disorders which will not allow him-or her to declaim it in the correct way. This individual will not fancy paying special attention to the holy book. He-or she cannot understand facts written in it (the Koran) during recitation. Secondly, the scholars have argued that the music listener cannot have any palate/flavor for it. Therefore, this person shan’t have adoration for the Koran. As a result, he or she will not derive gratification while studying it (the holy book).

Eight, according to some Muslims, it is well written in the book of Ayah (Chapter forty three (43), and verse thirty six) that “any Muslim who commits sin will be made the Devils’ comrade by God.” Owing to the fact that most Muslims consider music to be Haram, then any person who listens to it shall be made the Devils’ comrade (Hamditabligh).

Nine, some Imams have argued that the devil utilizes a number of tactics so as to ensnare those Muslims whose faith in Allah (God) is extremely low. Among them (the tactics) are clapping of hands during singing, and whistling.  These persons usually fail to follow Islamic teachings to the later owing to two main attributes. One of them is the lack of acumen. The second one is inadequate seriousness. Due to these attributes, most of these persons utilize musical gadgets. Also, they listen to music which is considered to be Haram. According to them, such persons engage in sinful acts. Moreover, they refuse to comply with laws that have been set out by our creator (Allah). These Imams have reiterated that the act of listening to music is similar to engaging in irresponsible sexual behaviors. These include incest, lesbianism, and sodomy. Others are infidelity and bestiality.

Ten, some Imams have stated that Music is similar to Allah’s enemy (the devil). Also, they regard music to be a contributor of sour relationship between a person who listens to it, and our creator (Allah). They have squabbled/argued that Allah’s enemy has made those individuals whose allegiance to Allah is low to fall in love with chanting-or singing. He has also furnished them with misleading facts as a result of which they (music listeners) end up utilizing them as proof for the pleasure derived during singing.

To them, all music listeners shall with time start following Allah’s enemy teachings. Due to this, they will cease reading the Koran so as to concentrate on these teachings (Devil’s teachings). They have squabbled that those people who have reached this stage normally rest in a cool place or inside the house, switch on the radio or the television, and permit their souls to pay attention to music. As a consequence, the devil in the form of music will make their souls to be extremely excited. Furthermore, he will make them to boogie/dance similar to a prostitute, or a male homosexual.

Eleven, some of them have suggested that the act of listening to music makes the listener to appear as if he-or she has consumed an alcoholic beverage. This makes the listener’s soul to be split into debris. Also, it makes him-or her to craft an assortment of jokes regarding the Islamic religion. Music is also believed to be palatable to them as compared to the Islamic teachings. Muslims believe that if an individual listens to these teachings as opposed to music, then he or she shall not be punished by Allah.

Twelve, Islamic religion considers music to be Allah’s enemy holy book. Most Imams across the globe have constantly reiterated that all those individuals who pay special attention to music do vend the good things offered to them by God to his enemy.  It is similar to a trader who buys a product at a certain price, and sells it at a loss. Therefore, it is needless for a person to listen to music or sing since he or she is likely to encounter immense losses. However, a person will derive the greatest delight when he or she recites the Koran (Miller and Shahriari 24).

Thirteen, there is a Muslim Sheikh who was requested to make a comment regarding music. His name is Abdulaziz Bin Baz. The Muslim cleric argued that he only listens to music to derive gratification from it. As far as wedding ceremonies are concerned, Abdulaziz clarified that singers should only make use of Tambourine during singing. He stressed that this instrument should specifically be played by female adults.

Fourteen, some Muslims argue it is a type of a game meant only to create fun. Due to this reason, they squabble that it does not contribute to the sacred growth of the listener and, thus inconsequential.

Finally, some Muslims have stated that a lonesome person who is listening to any kind of music turns out to be more lonesome. On the other hand, a millionaire or a billionaire will feel extremely elated when listening to music. This means that the act of listening to music escalates the sadness in a sad individual. It also makes a glad person happier (Islam Newsroom).


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