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Personal profiling

Stewart, Andrew. Age: 43, a former drug addict. Dark haired, brown eyed male with an inclination to deep philosophical meditations and melancholy. The resident of a neighboring house, used to be a member of an adolescent gangster group. Accused several times of light drug possession, however was not sentenced into prison. The most significant is that he is the talented musician, plays bass guitar, can sing well. Used to play in a teen-age rock band. Had several prizes for the contribution into the fight against the blood cancer, as far as his younger sister still suffers from leucosis. In childhood used to suffer from dyslexia together with his sister. To overcome the disorder, he plunged into reading the classic literature, learning Latin, and playing hockey at the local skating rink. In childhood was quite an unsociable and self-contained, however, angel-like boy with exotic appearance. In adolescent years experienced the problems with the female sex due to his modesty, shyness and uncertainty. Due to that was sometimes accused of homosexuality in his maturity years. Had the only one friend, with whom they shared drug affection and spent the best part of their youth years. After the friend’s death, caused by the drug overdose, became sullen and reserved. From time to time drank much and was often caught on the drinking spree. For many years he had no his own apartment, he was hiding from the entire world at his mother’s house or at hotels. The closest friends now are his mother and his ill younger sister.

In addition, he is the left hander, though plays guitar with his right hand. Sometimes experience the attacks of depression and melancholy. He is not a verbose, but communicative and friendly person. Never talks badly about the people, always compliments his job partners and the leadership. This person is the workaholic in its extreme manifestation. According to the colleagues’ comments, he is considered to be the hard case of an ultimately disciplined workaholic perfectionist. He gets upset if something does not work. The point is that he likes to work and it saves him in the periods of his deepest depressions. Moreover, he always says whatever he considers to be right straightly, but really tactfully. Colleagues added that Andrew is equal to everyone, notwithstanding the fact that he possesses quite an ill temper and is strange enough.

Close relatives claim him to be ultimately extreme person in relation to his major passions – motorcycles. Used to crash nearly to death, he still rides a motorcycle. He possesses three of them and has a car. This very person experienced numerous motorcycle accidents and, hence has many scars over his body. Used to get into an accident that resulted in dislocation of the cervical spine, however, he passed through the surgery successfully.

According to the closest friend’s comments, he can cry without a reason or experience aggression in the case of abusing by calling him a homosexual. He is still a bachelor, though the claims of homosexuality are not warrant due to the fact that he had several beloved in his mature life. He neglects fashion, spends all money on his sister’s treatment. He does smoke, though he did not smoke while using drugs. The most significant is that Andrew managed to give up the deadly habit without any special rehabilitation. He gave up drug consumption after his friend’s death. That very moment of his life, according his own words, became the turning point and taught him a terrible lesson. However, his new addiction became speed and fast wind into the face on the motorcycle trip. He still suffers because of the sister’s disease and makes everything possible to prolong her life. He leads quite life and almost has no personal life. I believe he made an impression on the world by means of being a really extraordinary man, controversial and at the same time very diverse. He may be called a misanthrope. Nevertheless, he became an exquisite person with his own grief. I hope each of us can find something similar in our own lives; however, Andrew leads abnormal way of life. He is an example of anti stereotype and anti biased person

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