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Studying for an exam

     An exam is a stressful and a terrible thing to study for, since an individual does not know whether the forthcoming exam is going to make or break their final mark. During the exam period, the levels of stress are extraordinarily higher. Most of the time the stress during exam time is positive since it can enable a candidate to be focused and motivated, but if the stress becomes too much then the candidate can feel confused and overwhelmed. So that an individual can do better on a given exam, it is very important to study carefully through the relevant materials that are covered by the exam. For a candidate to prepare effectively toward a given exam, he or she must follow ten major study habits.

      First, the student has to vary the studying manner such that he or she uses multiple techniques and styles of learning. Second, the student should make sure all the materials need for studying are kept organized for he or she to access the key information while studying. Third, the student should at one time put the materials aside and test himself concerning the materials studied during the week so that to determine whether he or she understands the materials or whether the material needs to be reviewed. The fourth habit concerns the student reviewing the notes taken before each lesson. The fifth thing concerns the student ensuring to review the notes and assignments just after the lesson is over. The sixth habit involves a student to mark all the information he or she does not comprehend and then find the answers to the questions immediately. The seventh thing that a student needs to do is to mark anything looking familiar, for instance definitions and concepts. The eighth habit that a student has to do is to make sure that every task he or she needs to accomplish is attached with some kind of reward such as certification.  The student should ensure that he or she is kept focused on not more that one task at ago and this is the ninth habit. Finally, the tenth habit concerns a student prioritizing every task by its importance such that the most important tasks are done first.

      After a student has prepared thoroughly for the exam he or she can be confident during the time when they are doing the exam. Confidence can enable a student to remember most of the content he or she had already learnt. Incase a student did not prepare effectively for an exam; he or she will not be confident and therefore will panic leading to forgetting the content learnt earlier. Therefore, it is very important to prepare thoroughly for an exam if good point and grades are to be expected.       


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