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Suma Systems Business Profile

Suma Systems is a media consultancy firm that specializes in providing general corporate, media and public relations advice to a variety of clients in the mining, tourism, agriculture, sports, and railway sectors. For corporate matters, we specialize in working with entrepreneurs, start-ups, promoters and other new ventures where we assist our clients by creative thinking, flexible working and achieving results.

We aim at providing a full range of media services on matters ranging from writing press statements, distributing media alerts to coming up with newsletters. The journalists at Suma Systems are from large established firms and have considerable experience in complex corporate, media and public relations matters. We hereby wish to offer our services to you in relation to issues of Media, Communication and Corporate Affairs to be undertaken on behalf of your organization. With your elaborate desire to contribute to the Zambian economy and the community in which you operate, thereby creating job opportunities. Some of our specialties include:

  1. Coordinating media monitoring, analyzing the data and recommending approaches to address issues,
  2. Preparing media releases and other responses as well as setting up radio, television and other media interviews, including documentaries,
  3. Continuously reviewing and building an extensive media database and network, enabling strategic information dissemination,
  4. Making all logistics and requisitioning arrangements regarding media, developing proactive responses to media issues
  5. Staying abreast of latest developments in the publications environment regarding the various components related to company operations and continuously proposing improved solutions to increase efficiencies,
  6. Planning, coordinating and preparing presentation material for use by respective company officials, drafting and editing various communiqués like content publications among others,
  7. Identifying relevant/appropriate mediums for advertising/promoting/profile building initiatives, submitting proposals, drafting relevant copy and project-managing the placement, design and production of advertisements, advertorials and other profile items,
  8. Identifying and coordinating all logistics for internal and external events,
  9. Drafting the necessary proposals, quotations/tenders for publications, coordination of publications, briefing and liaising with relevant service providers,
  10. Reviewing overall functionality and image of the company public relations, including proactive improvement of proposals and reviewing all items for accuracy, user-friendliness, and professionalism prior to placement,
  11. Coordinating luncheons, networking events, trade shows, concerts, and hosting road shows, which are an important means for companies trading publicly to communicate with the community.
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