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Summary of the Marketing Plan For Campus Tax Service, LLC

A new company is going to be launched in January 01, 2011 named Campus Tax Service, LLC.

The main objective of the company is to provide tax return preparation service to the college students. Our business service is operated at five campuses i.e. Levine, Central, Cato, Harper, and North Campus in Piedmont Community Colleges with the headquarter located in the City of Charlotte at the Piedmont Community Colleges Campuses in the state of North Carolina.

The company’s will be formed with the ownership of Mr. Gary Bonaccorso with the total investment of $25000, where the owner will share $5000 and the rest $20000 will be collected from taking loan. The capital is used to purchase the computer equipments, furniture, software, promotional literature for all five locations and meet up the initial cost of starting the business.

Each and every students need to prepare their tax return annually.  For assisting the students, the company came up with their services. The company possesses a strong confidence and determination to penetrate the industry by serving their primary target groups. The students at the five campuses are the target group. The company has further plan to serve the parents of the students and nearby residents.

This venture could be very much profitable and the company will take long term plan to increase profitability and at the same time try to reduce the overall cost. Under the strict supervision of the owner and other management stuffs, The Company projects to increase 10% annual growth in sales. The company tries to make the service popular to the students because all students are indeed of making the tax return preparation services

The company set its mission to become the market leader by implementing the strategy successfully. The management of the company performs the business activities with the aim of doing the right thing at the right time at the right place. The company aims to provide unique services and strive to ensure higher client satisfaction.

Campus Tax Service, LLC offers $50 for preparing any tax return for students. Additional $17.50 need to be paid if the return exceeds 7 page formats. The price is very much reasonable and attractive in the industry. The company also offers attractive referral program for students. Each successful referral enable both the referral and referee students a discount of $5.

The company considers total students as the target group for operation. So, taking the service to each and every client is the main theme of marketing the company’s service. Various types of promotional activities and measures i.e. flyers, bulletin board postings, ads in college publications, circulated coupons with discounts, word of mouth referrals will be taken to promote the company products. All the information can be found in company websites.

The students’ enrollment demographics consist of Black Non-Hispanic, Hispanic, Asian/Pacific Islander, American /Indian /Alaskan Native, White Non-Hispanic and others with a total of 18,608 in numbers. Company has further plan to take the service to the households, faculties and other income group who also need to pay tax.

The company will employ talented and qualified personnel in order to carry the day to day activities. The company provides extensive training facilities to its employees so that they can prepare the tax return service of the students properly, accurately and quickly. The employees of the company are so adept that they can present and provide service to the students any time. They are well trained and equipped with on site software for ease of tax return preparation. Those motivated work force will bring the targeted sales for the company

The company will expand its business activities with taking newer strategies relevant to the vision and objectives. The control of expenses and increment of sales in the next few years will be the priority of the company. The company is committed to serve all the clients with the expertise of its efficient personnel, attractive packages and incentive programs and effective marketing campaigns.





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