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The iPhone 5

The following definition is aimed at giving simple information to all the people who are interested in this new piece of technology-the iPhone 5. The targeted audience is composed of people from diverse professional, educational, and cultural backgrounds. This document will be given to all the marketers, cell phone dealers, and representative of call service companies who will attend the upcoming Accessible Cell Phone Seminar. All those who will attend will receive both soft and hard copies of this document for their clients’ reference. The aim of this document is to disseminate information about the iPhone 5, its history, usability, functions, and distinguish the iphone from other phones.

This document has used easy language and a simple format for better understanding for all those who intend to buy the gadget. A well-illustrated photograph will show the audience how the phone looks like and its functions. The meanings of specific words like IOS will be clarified by parenthetical definitions. The audience would have a lot of interest in the phone because it is the latest and greatest technological innovation ever. The information is presented in a general manner because they may not have had prior exposure to the gadget.

What is an iPhone 5?

This Smartphone has both multimedia devices and internet. It was devised and is currently being marketed by the American Multinational Corporation, Apple Inc. This company is the maker of personal computers like the Macintosh, ipad, computer software, and consumer electronics. This phone is available in either a black or a white colour. It uses GSM OR Edge technology. It has a screen that is sensitive to single or multiple touches popularly known as touch screen. This screen is made up of glass that is resistant to scratch and measures 9 cm. Its back is metallic for protective purposes, and it doubles as an antenna. The iphone has five buttons, two for volume regulation, and the rest control phone calls. Both speaker and microphone are located at the base of the phone. It has inbuilt Bluetooth technology that aids the functioning of wireless headphones and earpieces. The phone has an internally located rechargeable battery. Additionally, the iphone has a charger; alternatively, it can be charged by a computer’s USB cable. Other accessories that the iphone possesses are a camera, a storage SIM card, and memory card that can store up to 16 to 32 GB of data.

A photo illustrating the Touch Screen of the iPhone

History of the Iphone

Apple Inc’s Chief Executive Officer, Steve Jobs, developed the iphone. Apple engineers were directed by Jobs to investigate touch screens. Apple Inc developed the first iphone with a touch screen, in partnership with AT&T Mobility. The first iphone was launched in public on January 9, 2007 at Macworld. In 2008, Apple released the iphone 3GS and this were made available in more than eighty countries with more than 100 user languages. The latest release is the iPhone 5.

Usability of the iphone

Iphone possesses a single key, the home key. Thus, almost all interactions between the user and the phone are conducted through the screen. However, the iphone screen does not sustain the use of a stylus. Instead, the user uses a finger or two to conduct all interactions with the iphone. Finger taps activate the majority of the controls with the UI (User Interface). However, there are situations that call for more advanced features.

Swipes and the associated gestures such as flicking and dragging are used for scrolling through various lists on the iphone. For instance, if the iphone use drags a finger on any scrollable list on the phone, it results to the list following the finger automatically. Additionally, if the iphone user flicks a list item up and down, the screen scrolls in the direction of the finger under its own command. The screen scrolls at a reducing speed and eventually stops on its own as if it is fighting against some form of friction. The user of the iphone is able to view such things as web pages and photos if they scroll controls in a similar way. The iphone has additional advanced features; the user can use his/ her finger to scroll over the screen of the iphone in any direction. The photo viewer also utilizes flick type finger gestures to scroll around various photos.

However, there are few parts of the iphone that entail the user sliding on an on-screen control with a finger. The most common activities that are operated in this way include unlocking the iphone and switching off. The user moves the on-screen slider from the left of the screen to the right along the on-screen track with a finger. This process completes the task. This feature was developed to avoid the iphone from undertaking these activities accidentally.

Usability of the iphone

The iphone has grown fast in popularity as more people are looking for phones with multiple functions. The iphone offers a combination of features such as a digital camera, mobile phone, a digital music player, and GPRS functionality. The iphone is capable of performing five major functions: 1. a torch feature, which allows the user to navigate through the dark or find lost items. 2. Geotagging, this special feature, allows users to locate photos that have been misplaced in the iphone. The tag provides the location of the photo. 3. Google street view, this feature allows the user to navigate through the neighborhood through a map that is located on the phone. 4. Slideshow, this feature allows an easy view of photos. 5. Voice command, this feature allows the user to undertake searches on Google. The feature allows the iphone to convert voice into text.

What makes iphone unique?

This phone has extremely powerful moisture sensors that are exposed to the environment. These sensors show if the phone has been affected by water. Sensors of ordinary phones are located within the phone. The user cannot replace the internally charged battery. This is its main shortcoming but Apple replaces any faulty battery without charging any fee. Its memory card can store large amounts of data contrary to the ordinary phones. This phone has two cameras unlike the ordinary phones that have one. The camera can distinctively pick out images in conditions with very low light.

Risks associated with its usage

Like any other phone, the iPhone 5 emits harmless radiation. However, there is no data showing that this radiation causes cancer. However, it one should avoid using the phone while driving or operating machinery because accidents are bound to occur.

Parenthetical terms and their defined meanings

SIM card- Subscriber Identity Module, this device identifies the subscriber in devices like phones and computers.

USB- Universal Serial Bus, this feature of the iphone was designed for use in communicating with two devices like a mouse and the host controller or personal computer.

GSM- Global System, this feature is used for Mobile Communication.

IOS stands for iPhone operating system.


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