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The Place of Technology in Marketing

To begin with, quest to establish the place of technology in the marketing sector has been a matter that has been of great alarm. The most effective and cost effective technologies in use in the market have also been a matter of concern amongst scholars and businessmen. In line with this, cost effectiveness of technology and its impact to the customers has been a matter of apprehension. In this context, there are past studies as well as literatures that have been directed towards expounding on the matters mentioned as to be of great concern in the contemporary corporate world.

Arguably, Hastings & Saperstein (2008) is an example of literatures that have carried an in-depth research on the place of technology in marketing. According to this account, integration of technology and marketing is a recipe for top achievements in the market place. In this context, it has been argued that technology can be used to maintain a holistic customer management without much struggling and thus achieve maximum benefits. In line with this, Hastings & Saperstein (2008, p.71), further points to technology as to have transformed marketing from backwater to mainstream. As such, technology has been pointed to change and facilitate consumer behavior towards purchase and loyalty. However, the IT has not served marketing well up to the current times though (p.71-72).

Oldroyd& Oldroyd (2007, p.230-234) provides that technology allows marketing solutions to be directed to the needs of the specific customers. In this sense, the authors points to the example of Tesco which is the world’s largest online retailer (p.230-234). It has actually made a lot of profits owing to the use of technology. As such, it has been established that technology has a greater role to play in bringing about growth and developments in the marketing sector. In the same line of thought, Zajas & Church (1997, p. 243-245), points out to the fact that marketers have employed use of advertisements through TVs and internet which is the emerging technology to market their products. As a result, this has led to great sales and increased market share for their products. Together with this, Ray & Acharya (2004, p.463) has examined the applications of IT in marketing. In this context, successful application of using technology in marketing has been identified with the examples of with the sale of books and search engines like Yahoo which market different products and others as such (Ray & Acharya 2004, p.463). The greatest challenge however, is that most of the businesses have not yet established how to efficiently and cost-effectively apply technology in marketing. The review of the literature shows that technology has a place in marketing though this has not yet been effectively integrated.   



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