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The White Power

White power is a collective term used to describe white racial movement as they dominate almost every thing in the United States of America. This can be illustrated by looking at Ku Klux Klan, the name given to three different ancient and current supreme organizations in the United States. These clans are said to have boomed in different times (Leeper, 2000) .For example, the first Klan boomed in the years 1860s and became in existence in the 1870s and it was only available on the southern parts with their white costumes consisting of makes and robes.

The second Klan came into existence in the early and mid 1920s while the third was known after the famous Second World War with their unforgettable records of practicing terrorism, a tactic that is believed to have been boosted by the second KKK.

History holds that, during the reconstruction of Radical republican, the first Klan sought to restore superiority by engaging in criminal acts characterized by murder and so much violence against the blacks and white Republicans. This led the Federal government to put force acts, which advocated for the Klan prosecution (Leeper, 2000).

The second Klan is said to be very different from the first Klan as it was a formal organization with its activities practiced country wide. This Klan taught about clean politics and advocated for Unity in American states. One of the biggest criticisms to this Klan is the fact that, some local groups went to extremes of attacking civilian houses and did other unnecessary violence.

When you compare the history of these Klan’s you find that, the third Klan caused a very high destruction ,as it is believed to be responsible for the historic bombing of Birmingham 16th street Baptist church, that claimed lives of  so many civil rights workers and innocent children(Leeper,2000). Today many people believe that, the KKK is a rebellious organization as declared in 1999 by the city council of Charleston, in southern Carolina and the unforgettable campaigns made by the University of Louisville professor in the year 2004 to have the Klan declared illegal organization, so that it may be abolished from the campus. Currently the Klan is said to have so many members after the 2008 election of President Obama.The main objectives of the current membership is based on rising issues of illegal immigrants and increase of urban crimes.

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