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Usage of Internet and Email

Nowadays it is very difficult to imagine modern world without computer technologies and using of computer programs as practically every sphere of our life is connected with them. Computers and Internet constitute rather big part of business life, as it is very difficult to control work without computers and Internet (Soong, 2010, p. 15).  It is understood that with the appearance and development of Internet, it became one of the most effective methods of influence, controlling and sharing information. Internet and everything that is connected with cyber industry affect people greatly. Such democratization of Internet and IT technologies means people are able to share their points of view and visions of certain problems despite their geographical location (Hatchen, 2000, p. 34). People can share messages by means of internet with the high speeds because they are shared by means social networks. It means that everyone is struggling for attention and place in a media environment. This environment now is cramped with information. Needless to say, that modern society is very dependent upon Internet and popular networks that became inevitable part of life of every user.  Every day life is hard to imagine without Internet and IT technologies. With their help, it is easier to tell the public about technological improvements and events from social and political spheres.  Whatever the reason or interest is, any person has the opportunity to transmit a message through the Internet and this massage can be potentially heard by thousand of people all over the world. This means of taking information is very hard to substitute. I am a current employee of the company dealing with the development and delivery of the trade equipment. In our company, the use of Internet and corporate email has become an inevitable part of the working process.

The use of e-mails as a means of sharing information and communication becomes very popular in any company or organization, as this is a very simple process requiring minimum time and strengths. This means of communication and sharing the data and information is very popular and widely spread from the point of view convenience and time-consumption. The development of Internet and its implementation made the process of communication easier and faster. It gained great popularity among the employees, as Internet allows being aware of the information necessary for the production process and communication.
As usual, every company is provided with the personal server that is able to serve the consumers of the company, where every employee is provided with the personal corporate e-mail address in order to communicate and share messages within the company (Kirshenbaum, 2009, p. 23). As a rule, the content of the shared information and emails is strictly controlled by the management of the organization in order to prevent frauds, viruses and leakage of personal and corporate information. In this case, the companies make use of the privacy policy. One of the main aims of such policy is to prevent computers from the illegal access, use of information by the third persons and fraud and viruses invasions. In my company, this kind of policy is provided by means of computers’ protection from outside users. The IT managers entitled to use the personal information of the employees to protect it from illegal utilization. It is one of the most popular and reliable measures, as not every employee can distinguish potential danger and see that the E-mail box, containing his or her personal information, stored in his computer was broken and used. There are a lot of measures the companies should take to protect and guard their networks. A good safety plan outlining essential safety measures is required for quick reply and disaster revival. Auditing, tracking and constant monitoring of the network should be conducted to distinguish leaks and intrusions. Moreover, different kinds of firewalls and other appliances of software and hardware can become helpful for discouraging network intruders.

A great number of companies use some regulations and laws that are developed to protect personal information of the employees stored in their computers. This is the email privacy used by very company on the legal basis. Email privacy was elaborated by the US government and is derived from the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. This policy is governed by the standard of reasonable expectation of privacy. According t this policy, the managerial of every American company is able to control e-mail and Internet use of the employees during their working hours. Moreover, the regulations of the privacy policy presupposes constant monitoring of email boxes and websites visited by he employees within working day. Most employers make their employees sign a computer and network use policy that usually sets forth that their email should be to be used merely for business purposes and entitles the employer to monitor usage of email and computer.  This agreement usually deprives an employee of any rational expectation of privacy, and means that the emails of the employees are fair game for the employer to seek through.  Employers, disparate from law enforcement, do not have many obstacles averting them from checking the emails of the employers. It is only a matter of business as the employees should take into account the fact that theory can cause difficulties to their business, that is why, the main aim of the agreement of privacy policy is to protect the company, but not to adversely modify the rights of the employees (Levmore and Nussbaum, 2010, p. 45). Privacy policy measures are forwarded to protect company from illegal usage and leakage of business information through the emails of its employees. Every company should control usage of Internet usage and content of email messaging. It is regulated by the current legislation and every employee should stick to the laws of privacy policy.

The employees realize that the privacy policy is very significant for the both, them and their company. It is an inevitable part of the policy of every company used to prevent the leakage of company’s information and preserve the order within the organization. As usual, privacy policy does not have any negative effect on the employees. Indeed, it makes them more careful and watchful concerning the problem of security and privacy, as privacy at work is a half of success of every organization.

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