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Why I want to be a Doctor

Becoming a successful doctor and touching on the lives of many people seems to be my main objective in life. The drive towards this course in life is derived from a number of factors that are worth mentioning at this point. First, my past experience as a child spells clearly on the reasons why I want to become a doctor with specialization in gynecology.

The passion for helping other people started early in life when I was still a child. Playing as a doctor was my favorite during those early childhood pleasures and I always enjoyed handling my play patients who were friends, animals and dolls with a lot of love and tenderness. I was also good in handling pregnant women and babies because they seemed to be very delicate and deserving a lot of care. I always had a strong feeling that I could heel my patients because I understood what they were going through. Naturally I   have a liking for life on earth be it for animals or humans; and I would do anything to protect it. I believe that I can make important contributions towards improving the health and medical services of other people in the society.

Secondly my personal experiences have also provided impetus in my desire to pursue a medical profession. My own blood brother suffered severe migraines that really affected his early life. He was forced to spend weeks in a darkened room and almost gave up with education. This particular experience really broke my heart as I just wished to bring him back to his normal life. Personal touch with babies in hospitals during medical tours and other events have really influenced my attitude towards sick babies. I have had a baby cousin who suffered from neuroblastoma cancer during infantry and it really broke my heart. The problem started as a lump in her spine that was later diagnosed as a cancer. The cancer culminated into a paralysis on the lower waist. The paralysis had a great impact on her  as evidenced by the walking difficulties she encountered later on. The picture of her on the hospital bed with artificial tubes touched my life and triggered my passion to assist such cases.

At local and national hospitals I have participated in future Doctor programs. The tours in these facilities have provided hand-on experience with operations and equipments that have shaped my curiosity to learn more. Successful Doctors have also encouraged me to follow the medical path in the course of our interactions in the hospitals. A terrible first encounter as an ob/gyn has always motivated me into making a difference in the medical profession. This particularly concerns Doctors who had weak skills and showed no empathy to patients. In light of this unfortunate incidence, I have vowed to be different and make good connections with people in the course of helping to address their medical challenges.

In my professional career I have a desire to bring significant changes in the provision of medicare for pregnant women and babies. As already indicated these people are delicate and deserve the best care. Reducing mortality rates of infants in my country would be part of my strategy in my medical profession. Cases of negligence and lack of empathy amongst some doctors have really disheartened me and I am really determined to be more caring compassionate in bringing great care to mothers and babies. I have a strong conviction that such an accomplishment would bring meaning not only to me but to other people in the society. By recognizing the innocence in babies and participating in welcoming them to the world I would make important contributions to our future generations. Skills and knowledge acquired in the course of studying medicine would eventually trickle down to the entire society with the practice of the profession in various health facilities. Given the opportunity I would put in all my efforts and leave a legacy that would remain in the minds of many for the rest of their lives.

Finally it is important to re affirm that I have a strong calling to pursue this cause so as to help other people and bring change in the society in terms of infant and maternity care. This dream can only be actualized if I am granted the opportunity to study for the course in your institution.


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