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September 03, 2013

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Essay with Five Paragraph

In terms of writing compositions, the usual would be to produce five paragraph essay format. This is considered a very useful model not just for writing an essay but also while starting out any composition skill. Below is the material that is taken from Harry Livermore’s handout from his English classes at Cook High School in Georgia. He authorized the use of such material for this content. This is such a helpful and beneficial piece that can help people how to write a 5 paragraph essay.


The start of the paper would be the introductory paragraph. This must include the thesis statement. This is the short or mini outline for the paper that would tell what the essay is about. There should be a transitional hook that must be found at the last sentence of this paragraph. This will transition or move the reader from the introduction to the first paragraph of the body.


The body of the paper must have three paragraphs.


Because this starts the body, it must have an obvious starting point. It should also possess the most important example, clear illustration and the strongest argument. This would likewise have the reverse hook that connects with the end sentence of the introductory paragraph. The topic is found in the first or the second sentence. It must be related with the thesis statement. Of course, the paragraph must end with a transitional hook as well that would connect to the second paragraph.


This would contain an apparent follow up for the body’s first paragraph. It has the second most important examples, second clear illustration and the second strongest argument. Naturally, the first sentence of this part would have the reverse hook that connects to the transition hook from the first paragraph. Topic is found in the first or the second sentence. It must be in relation with the thesis statement. It must end with a transitional hook sentence that will introduce that third paragraph of the body.


This would have the obvious follow up of the second paragraph. It has the weakest examples, weakest illustration and weakest argument. It must start with a sentence that has the reverse hook that connects with the transitional hook at the end of the second paragraph. The first or second sentence must contain the topic. It must be related with the thesis statement. It must end with a transitional concluding hook sentence that already tells the readers that it is the final point of the paper. This must also leads to the conclusion part. By viewing a five paragraph essay graphic organizer, writing this kind of task can be simpler.


This part of the paper must contain a hint for the pattern used in the introduction. There should also be a paraphrasing of the thesis statement. The summary of the three main points from the body must also be mentioned in this part. Lastly, there should be a final statement that will tell the readers that the paper or argument already reaches its end.

Those are all the things that you must know when you are looking for the best method on how to write a five paragraph essay.