Score  video gamers might learn visual tasks more quickly

November 16, 2015

It has been known for quite some time that people who play video games can perform visual tasks better than their non gaming peers. In fact, researchers will often eliminate video gamers from consideration when studying visual task performance, because including them skews results. What is coming to light now is the fact that these students can also learn visual tasks at a faster rate.
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7 unusual sources of inspiration for writing

November 06, 2015

If you have writer's block, or just want to change your writing up a bit, your best tool is some fresh inspiration. Unfortunately, your usual sources of writing inspiration can become stagnant. When this happens, it is time to think outside the box and look in unexpected places for inspiration.
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Changes in stem instruction

November 05, 2015

In an effort to make STEM (science technology, engineering and math) coursework more meaningful and thus more attractive to students in K-12 public schools, science and math educators have drastically altered curriculum and delivery systems in those schools. The focus is now on larger concepts, practical applications of those concepts, and the scientific method as something that can be used every day.
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F. scott fitzgerald   a classic tale of american decadence

October 21, 2015

It was the 2910’s in America. World War I was over and the party at home had begun. It was a time of great income gaps between the rich and the poor, and great societal gaps between the “old money” of traditional wealth and the “new money” of the industrialists, investors, and criminals, who were treated with disdain by the “old money” families.
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Machine teaching   technology   human element  1

October 14, 2015

Oh, the wonders of technology, particularly in teaching and learning. Consider all the ways in which machines have improved the delivery of education.
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Scw engaging website content

October 07, 2015

We have become a society of impatient people. Much of this, of course, is because we are bombarded with information all day through technology, and we have adapted. So, we want any piece of information at our fingertips within seconds. How many hits did Joe DiMaggio have during his final season? Who starred in “The Maltese Falcon?” We can speak the question into our phones and have the answer within seconds. And when we have to read?
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Scw macbeth

September 28, 2015

William Shakespeare certainly loved his witches. And in Macbeth they almost play a leading role – far more of one than in his other works. In this play, they actually precipitate the horrific events that follow after their encounter with Macbeth and Banquo. And the supernatural becomes a key element in this tragedy, from dreams and hallucinations to ghostly appearances.
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September 21, 2015

Harvard only accepts 6% of the students who apply for admission. So, of the 27,594 students who are currently enrolled in their undergraduate and graduate programs, we can expect that they will be the “cream” of the student college pool. When we think of those who have gone to Harvard, we think of famous lawyers, Supreme Court Justices, medical researchers, and scientists. And, in fact, many are.
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Perfect job for students

September 11, 2015

How would you define the ideal student job? We asked this question to many of the staffers at Smart Custom Writing, and we received a variety of answers. One of our writers selected movie theater usher due to the perks of being able to watch movies for free. Another person mentioned video game beta tester. In spite of the different answers that we received, we noticed a few common themes in every response.
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August 31, 2015

he American dream is such a common theme in movies, plays, literature, and television, it’s no wonder that the American dream essay is so frequently assigned to students. The American dream is such a personal thing that most people define it in many different ways. For example, a new immigrant to the United States may have a different idea of what achieving the American dream means than somebody whose family has been in the states for centuries.
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