Visual blogging  what it is and how it can improve conversions

November 06, 2015

Visual blogging is a form of blogging that involves producing content that is almost completely visual. A visual blog post might contain a combination of infographics, memes, embedded videos, still images, and Gifs. A visual blog post might also contain some textual elements as well.
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What does it take to be successful

November 05, 2015

Recently, members of our staff started a discussion about what it takes to be successful. We through around phrases like hard-working and well-educated, but we decided that those were only small parts of the whole picture. It dawned on us that a successful person has a variety of characteristics that cause them to be successful.
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All saints day   what it is and how it all began

October 29, 2015

For centuries, the Church has had great leaders and others who have distinguished their service to the Church or to its people in many ways. At some points in the Church history, the religious have been persecuted and even put to death – they are thus defined as martyrs for the faith. From among these groups, the Church has identified some as saints, because they have met certain criteria and are now believed to be able to intercede directly for Catholics.
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Untitled design  11

October 20, 2015

Are you questioning your major course of study in school? Then you have good company. Many of these celebrities questioned theirs and ended up in totally different professions – professions which gained them fame and great self-satisfaction.
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Turn your blog into a traffic vacuum

October 08, 2015

Everyone seems to have the same advice. To maintain a great blog that attracts visitors. And some additional helpful hints have come along too, like using Buzzsumo and Ubersuggest for topic ideas, and make use of Google keyword planner for those keywords, or, to find ways to re-publish your great posts on other blogs to get more “coverage.”
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Scw to kill a mockingbird  harper lee   a novel for now

October 06, 2015

o Kill a Mockingbird is typically taught in a high school English class, in an attempt to get kids to think about racial prejudice, hate, and ignorance. In fact it has become an American classic on the subject. Recently, the novel has begun to appear in college English coursework as well, perhaps for the same reasons – maybe the lessons weren’t “learned” the first time around.
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A little bit swirly

September 23, 2015

School children who read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn love it as a grand tale of adventure of a 13-year old boy and his quest to be free of the restrictions of “polite” society. As with anything that Mark Twain wrote, however, there are layers of meaning in this tale, and older students who study it will need to dig deep into those layers to understand how Twain commented on human nature.
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Canterbury tales essay

September 15, 2015

If you think the Canterbury Tales is just another old epic poem, written in a language that is hardly distinguishable as English, think again. You will actually find a little bit of everything in this work – love, sex, corruption, humor, anger, and infidelity.
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Your text here

September 04, 2015

The use of technology in education is only increasing. Students, teachers, and administrators have embraced technology in the classroom today like never before. As a matter of fact, technology in the classroom is now the norm, while tech free classrooms and teaching styles are becoming less and less popular with parents, students and instructors.
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August 26, 2015

There is no group in society that is not impacted by teen pregnancy. In addition to this, teen pregnancy has impacts on society, economics, education, health, child development, and medicine. It is because of these reasons that many college students are required, at some point, to write a teenage pregnancy research paper. This topic is especially relevant if you are taking a course on Sociology, Education, Public Health, Social Work or Human Services, or Psychology.
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