Affirmative Action Essay

July 21, 2015

Content 10

Affirmative action is defined as the reflection of diversity in hiring, recruiting, and other practices. It is an outcome of the 1960's civil rights movement that gave any minority the right to vote, free speech, as well as free and equal treatment. Its intended use was to provide equal opportunities for members of minority groups, such as people of color, and women within education and employment. Affirmative action policies focused initially on improving the opportunities African Americans had within education and business. Being a major part of the United States history, an affirmative action essay is an extremely common topic assigned to students. Here are the steps needed to write a good essay on affirmative action.

What one should always start with is finding or compiling a list of affirmative action essay topics. These topics can state how one feels about the subject that you are speaking of, why it exists, or even how it came to be. Here is a list of topics one may use when writing essays on affirmative action.

  • Why it was introduced: Racial inequality in the United states remained an issue almost 100 years after the civil war. Discrimination against minorities denied them the chance of being as successful as whites that lead to widespread poverty.
  • What it involved: Instead of making victimized minorities equal in law what affirmative action aimed to do was give minorities preferred treatment with the intention of reversing the effects of discrimination.
  • Who has to comply with affirmative action: In the laws of employment affirmative action laws now covers all of the U.S federal agencies as well as any company that makes a significant income from federal government contracts.
  • Where does affirmative action apply?: Although it is mandated by federal law, there are some states that have laws to ban positive discrimination quotas

One could write many different affirmative action essays, depending on how they view it. These views can also affect the type of essay one may write in order to express one’s viewpoints.

  • Pro affirmative action essay: Would be an affirmative action persuasive essay stating the good affirmative action has done for society, such as creating job opportunities and making the United States closer complete equal rights.
  • Con affirmative action essay: Would be another type of affirmative action persuasive essay. An against affirmative action essay would be an essay where the writer would try to convince someone that affirmative action is a bad thing, should not exist, and why one should oppose it.
  • Affirmative action argumentative essay: Is an essay where one gathers evidence on the specific topic of affirmative action, in order to establish a position on how they feel about the topic in a concise manner.

After determining what type of essay, as well as the topic you are focusing on, you can start working on the affirmative action essay outline. This outline is what you will base your paper on in terms of spacing out the facts and information. Depending on what your teacher wants there are many ways to create your outline. One example of this would be.

  • Introduction of your topic
  • thesis statement
  • First section of the body
  • First fact
  • Evidence proving the first fact is correct or incorrect
  • Second section of the body
  • Second fact
  • Evidence proving the second fact is correct or incorrect
  • Third section of the body
  • Third fact
  • Evidence proving the third fact is correct or incorrect
  • Affirmative action essay conclusion

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