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September 19, 2013

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Common Application Essay Prompts: 5 Essay Options on New Common Application Tips

The member institutions that use the common application essay, debated, discussed and introduced the new prompts. This new prompts are made to promote introspection and reflection. If the essay that you have written does not contain self-analysis, then you have not yet succeeded in using the application essay format prompt. Before, the length limit for essay is 500 words. Now, it has been increased to 650 words. The students need to select from the five options written below.

First Option: There are students that feel like writing a sort of story or background very important for their identity and they think can complete their application essay. You can share your story if you do so.

For this prompt, the identity serves as main idea. Relate what is it that makes you? Since you will write the background or story on your fsu application essay, there can be a lot of latitude to answer the question. The background that you can write can be related to the environmental factor like growing up in a military family, residing in a great place or perhaps dealing with your not so common family set-up or situation. As with the story, it can be any event or series of events that made an impact on your identity. On the whole, make sure that you will approach the prompt. It must be inward looking with an explanation why such background or story affected or made your identity.

Second Option: For this, you need to reminisce any time or event when you encountered failure. Relate how this affected you and the lessons that you have learned.

When you look at this prompt, you may think that this is not a good one. This is considering that this may go against the things that you have learned while in college. It can be easier and better to discuss and relate accomplishments as opposed to failures. However, with this prompt on your Rutgers application essay, you can be able to highlight how you stand up for your failures along with the lessons learned from it. Make sure that you focus on how you deal with the failure. The key for this prompt is honest and introspection.

Third Option: Make a reflection when you faced or challenged an idea or belief. What did you do? Will you still do the same thing when again?

This prompt is an open-ended one. The idea or belief that you will write about can be your own, another person’s or from a group. The application essay writing is always written with honesty. It is because it will explore the hardship of working against the belief. The final question is to answer if you will do the same thing again? There are times when you will discover that an action you did is great. It is with retrospection. With this prompt, you need to reveal your core personal values. When you feel that the belief that you challenged did not give you the admission committee the window to see your personality, then this is not an effective prompt for you.

Fourth Option: Think of a place or environment where you feel contentment. Explain why it is meaningful for you and what did you experience there?

This application essay format would likewise give you many options to approach the question. The place or the environment that you will write can be a house, classroom, church, country, book, and more. You need to select the best one when you feel contentment and make sure to analyze the source of that feeling. To put “Why” at the end of the prompt is very important. Similar to the other prompts and application essay sample, this would require introspection so as for you to share your values.

Fifth Option: Choose any event or accomplishment that can be formal or informal that marked a transition in your life from childhood to adulthood. It can be within the family, community or culture.

When this prompt is written in your scholarship application essay, you may find it complicating to select one particular accomplishment or event that can transition your life in a snap. Maturity is the result of a journey or series of events, accomplishments and failures. With that in mind, choosing this particular prompt can be an excellent choice since you will relate to being a mature. This would explore an event or achievement in your life that became a milestone in your personality development. A good thing to remember is not to relate any school play about a hero. This is the usual essays that the scholarship application essay team always receives. Think of other events that can analyze and center your personal growth and not fully on accomplishments.

As a final thought, it is ideal to always be looking inward with whatever prompts that you will use in your MBA application essay. What do you really value? What made you mature? What makes you unique from all the other applicants? Spend significant time with self analysis. Never write too much about describing an event or place. Remember to showcase analysis not description as it will be able to tell your critical thinking skills. These are some important application essay tips that you must always keep in mind. Such can surely be a great application essay help for you.