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October 03, 2013

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Facts About Argumentative Essay Writing

One of the writing tasks that a person must know is writing an argumentative essay. This kind of essay would necessitate a student to perform an investigation about a topic that includes collecting, gathering and evaluating the evidences. This is so as to establish a position in a clear and concise manner.

Oftentimes, students may think that argumentative and expository essays are the same. Yet, these two are not similar as the argumentive essays differ in the amount of pre-writing part and the research involved in it. It has lengthy and detailed research. It is commonly assigned as a final project in the first year of writing or in advanced composition courses. With expository essay, it involves less research and the length is shorter. This is usually used for in-class writing exercises like GRE or GED.

The structures of an argumentative essay format are as follows:

a. The first paragraph of the essay must have a concise, clear and definite thesis statement.

The first paragraph of an argumentation essay must include a context. This is by way of reviewing the topic first in a general manner. The next thing is for the author to discuss more about the importance of the topic. It must explain why the reader should read the content. The last part is to write the thesis statement. The thesis statement must be narrowed appropriately so as to adhere to the guidelines of the assignment. When this part is not written well, it can be hard for the student to produce a persuasive essay.

b. The introduction, body and conclusion must have a clear and logical transition.

The mortar that holds the foundation of writing argumentative essays as one is the transition. When there is no logical thought progress, it can be difficult for the readers to follow the argument of the essay. As a result, the structure can collapse. Transition works by wrapping up the idea from the previous paragraph or part and introduce the next one.

c. Evidential support for the body paragraphs

There must be a single and general idea for every paragraph of the argumentative essay outline. With such, clarity and direction will be allowed for the entire essay. The conciseness will provide the reader’s to quickly understand the topic. The paragraph of the body must be able to support the thesis statement. It is by means of the gathered evidences during the research.

The argumentative essay writing must explain the various perspective of the topic. There must be a one or two paragraphs that should explain the conflicting opinions for the topic.

d. Anecdotal, statistical, factual or logical evidential support

To be able to support the thesis statement and consider other perspective, the argumentative persuasive essay must be accurate, detailed and well researched. Therefore, anecdotal, factual, logical and statistical evidences must sustain the thesis. Including any evidence that will not support the thesis is considered unethical.

e. The conclusion is written to readdress the light of the evidences provided and not just a thesis restatement.

This part is where most students find it hard to write. There can be an immediate impression on the reader’s mind for this part of the argumentative research essay. Because of that, it should be logical and effective. In this part, there must not be any new information to introduce. It must only synthesize the already presented information in the body of the essay. Review the thesis, main points and topic restatement is necessary.

Planning stage of writing an argumentative essay

-Topic Selection

A good way on how to write argumentative essay is to select a good topic. With this, you need to take into account a few issues that can have some conflicting perspective or varying conclusions. Search for some topic lists that you may find interesting. A few of such can be: argumentative essay on education, argumentative essay on global warming, argumentative essay on technology and others.

Writing an interesting topic is needed for any content. Yet, what matters most is to be able to write a topic that you are interested with. Proper reasoning and evidences must be written well.

-Take into account both sides of the topic and set your position

You need to list the points for both sides of the argument after topic selection of argumentative essay format. The first objective is to be able to present all of the issues of each side. You need to take one side that you can defend.

-Gathering of evidences

In writing an argumentative essay, there is a need to give evidences without exhibiting too much drama. Clear exploration of both sides is necessary to provide a good proof.

Writing Stage

When you already have a solid foundation of what to write and already know the types of argumentative essays, it is then time to start the writing. The parts of the argument essay include the introduction, body and conclusion. The length of your essay task varies depending on the length of the parts mentioned.

a. Topic introduction and assertion of your side.

Again, there are many topics to write about. It can be argumentative essay global warming, death penalty argumentative essay, global warming argumentative essay and more. The first paragraph contains the thesis statement, background information and an explanation of the topic selected.

b. Both sides of the controversy must be presented.

  • The essay’s body has the meat of the argument. The strongest points of each side must be detailed.
  • After writing the description, you will then need to detail more about your point of view and give the evidences as well.
  • Using some mixes of evidence types (statistics), other studies made and anecdotal stories can be done. Presentation of points and strongest evidences must be selected. The length is not limited to some words. It can be as long as you want so long as you will be able to make sense.

Those are the things that you need to consider when writing an argumentative essay. Many students may still find it hard to write a good one. Thus, the best solution is to simply buy argumentative essay available online.