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October 18, 2013

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Writing an Autobiography for Kids

An autobiography for kids helps is aimed at helping children know the major highlights of their lives that are characterized by the happenings in their lives. When kids are helped to write an autobiography, their writing skills are improved, and they are able to learn more about their lives. They get to know the history of their family, and in this way, they are able to know the things that define them. You parents should involve their parents as well since they will have photographs and dates which will be useful in writing of the autobiography.


  1. When writing an autobiography for kids, the first step should be to inform their parents of your intentions. You should clearly state your purpose and ask them for their help in accomplishing this fete. The parents will be in a position to provide the photographs you may need as well as providing dates that may prove to be useful. Important events such as when the child first spoke, took their baby steps as well as their first day in school can only be provided by the parents. Important celebrations in the children’s lives cannot be left out, and parents should include them in the information that they provide.

    You may start by making an autobiography example for kids. This entails making of an autobiography of your own which the children can use for reference purposes. The best autobiography examples for kids are those that contain many photographs and are written in simple language that the children can relate to. In this way, the children will have a clear picture of what they are expected to do and will have fun when making their own autobiography.
  2. The third step would be to give an outline that the kids can follow. This may be considered as an autobiography definition for kids so that they handle it easily. Help them arrange their life events in a systematic way and ensure that they match the photographs they have with their dates of happening. The outline will make the work easier for them, and they will have an insight on what exactly to do. You will notice that most of them will not have a lot of trouble coming up with their autobiography.
  3. A sample autobiography for kids may come in handy in the next step. You may consider asking the children some questions which will help them handle their work more conveniently. You can say a date and ask the children to describe the events of that day. You may also use the photographs to ask the children to write all they can on the day that the photograph was taken. This will help to create an autobiography definition for kids and help them think of the events that they have passed through.
  4. Lastly, you may issue the children with writing material and ask them to write their autobiography from the outline they made. Ask them to look at the dates and match them with the photographs they have. They can use glue to stick their photographs and clearly label them. This will help them connect with the times that have passed and show them the importance of that event. Writing an autobiography for kids cannot be complete without sharing of experiences amongst the children. Ask them to stand in front of the class and read out their autobiographies aloud. In this way, they will be able to share their cherished moments. The autobiographies will help them remember their childhood and help them connect with the events that characterized their lives.