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September 17, 2013

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Topics in general are tricky to come up with. You do not just pick a topic once and expect to be a walk over. Sometimes students pick a topic and expect it to have many points and later on to find just few on it. Therefore students should do a deeper analysis of the topic of your choice and ensure you will enjoy working on it.

A research paper takes some time you would not like to work on something that is boring for close to six months. Take a few steps in the beginning to make sure that your topic will be relatively easy to research over the days and weeks to come. You don’t want to invest too much time in a project that will only lead to frustration in the end.

Factors to consider when choosing a research paper topic

The subject matter

Choose a topic that you are sure enough to get a lot of valuable information from. Critically analyze the subject matter in the topic at hand. Is it a topic you could narrow down to make it simpler or is it one that is wide and challenging for you? It is easier to pick a topic that you may narrow down into specific sections. For instance effects of marijuana, you can narrow it down to negative effects of marijuana.

Evaluate available information

What would you do with a topic that does not have any information and one that you clearly are not familiar with. It will take you time to start finding out about the topic since you have never come across before. Go for a topic that has already been talked about or have been written about before by authors. Go for a familiar topic that you will start from what you know to help you find out what you do not know.

Pick a theme that fits

When given instructions about a research topic you should write, the instructions should be able to guide you in picking a topic. Ensure you read the instructions clearly though.

Have a list of your own topics you wish to write on

Have a list of your best research paper topics then go for an option of looking at other new topics. It will be better to handle the topics that you have come up with than being assigned. It means you have ideas and know where to start and that way avoid writing irrelevant issues.

Best research paper topics

  • What are effects on students who are pushed by parents to study for a course they don’t desire?
  • What are the merits and demerits of school uniform?
  • Can terrorism ever be justified especially in the Arab countries?
  • Should gay marriage be legalized in Africa?
  • What are the effects of legalizing gun carrying by citizens in the USA?
  • How has technology changed the way we do our things and our societal values?

The few above research paper topics may give you a guide on what you need to do before you start to write a research paper. The best research paper topics are also found on internet and from other books. Simply intensify your search for the best topic for a research paper and you will no longer have to spend an hour scratching your head for ideas.