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September 06, 2013

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Summary of book reports

A report gives a brief summary of tasks that have been done .In an employment scenario reports are meant to give a clear guideline of work you have been assigned to buy your boss. They help to pass information even without being there to monitor.

A book report is an exposition providing a short summary of a book and a feedback to it. Writing a book report requires clear discussion of the book and giving a summary of the work. A custom book report focuses on the major plot, characters in the book, thesis and the ideas integrated to come up with that work. While it should include basic details, a book report is usually tailored to its readers. Emphasis usually falls on aspects of the book related to the subject matter seen in an academic group of studies. The word count may range from 250-500 words.

Book reports are mainly assigned to students at the college level. Though most college students dislike these assignments and see it as a cruel attempt from their teachers. Book reports help students to read which then improves their English language and learn more about the happenings of the world and broaden the capacity to think.

Book reports are more like book reviews except for the fact that book reviews focus more on evaluating a book or any written material. Book reviews are also common assignments given to college students as much as they hate them.

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Tips to write a good book reports

Before you start to read a book then write a report you first ought to have an idea on what exactly you are going to need from the book. This basic information will make your work easier when you commence writing. Look for the book author, title of the book, publisher his name, location and year of publish and the number of pages contained inside.

Some of the questions that arise from the above key information for the author will include

  • Does the authors name ring a bell?
  • Why did the author choose a certain topic?


A genre is an artistic composition in form or a writing or music. Writers use different genres that target a certain audience same applies to musicians who use different stylistic genres to entertain their fans. Some of the questions to ask about the genre of the book may include

  • What audience is the book addressed to?
  • Is the story a fact or fiction?


  • Why did the writer choose that title?
  • Does the title have a hidden meaning?
  • And if it does is it achieving some goals?

Book cover

  • Has the author used pictures and why?
  • What are the meanings of the cover pictures?
  • Are the pictures making you read the books?
  • Do pictures make the book more interesting?

As you read the book reports

When you are writing a book report stay keen on the ideas that will help you generate a good book report. For instance if you are reading a book of fiction, see how the author has used the characters. Do the characters play their role of fiction well? Find out the best and worst characters and why. Additionally find a lesson being passed to you by the author. If you find interesting quotes from the book you are free to include in the book report to make it even more enjoyable. As well, try adding short book summaries for book reports to earn more credits.

Writing a book report

When done with reading its now to sum up all the important ideas you have fished from the book. You may start by letting your readers know the title and author of the book you have read.

Give a summary of the book, what the book talks about, what you love and hate most about the book, if given a chance how would you mould the book to be more enjoyable and what audience you recommend to read the book.

Important items to include in your book report writing:


What you like most about the characters, how did the author use the characters to send a message to the readers? How the author has picked the characters in the book and how they play their roles.


Organize your book report in a way your readers will understand and get to read the book you are giving a report about. Arrange the themes of work very well.

Personal evaluation of the book

Give a quick evaluation after reading the book. Did it affect you in an emotional way? Was the author successful in passing the message? Is it better than the other books you have read?


Is the book worth recommending to an interested reader?

Final copy

  • After putting draft together create a final copy.
  • Check the spellings of each key word especially the title, author very important
  • Grammatical and punctuation errors
  • Give details about the book and your understanding

How to write a college book report

When students first join the college they have no idea what a book report is . Some may have an idea on what an easy book report is but when advancing book reports are written more maturely and with high quality. A level expected by the college professors from their students.

How to write a good book report

Read the book

You have to read the book, understand it and that’s where you start getting ideas of what to include in your book report.

Read other peoples work

To get more understanding read materials from other sources, see what ideas they have used, check for online book reports and buy book reports options.

Narrow your topic

Read the instructions clearly from your professor and understand what he need s in the book report. Stay within the parameters of what is required and your work is just to give detailed information on those specific areas

Write a thesis statement

When writing a higher level report book you don’t only need to state the facts and give your personal opinion. Add more information to convince the reader to get that book and read. Have points to back you up incase an argument arises.

Report outline

  • Start with an impressive introductory paragraph, explain the thesis then finish with a conclusion and recommendation
  • Use specific number of research resources as instructed by your professor
  • Write a draft including all the ideas you have come up with
  • Edit your book report thoroughly to avoid embarrassing instances when the professor takes note of a common mistake and reads it out in class
  • Cite your sources
  • Give original and clear citations

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