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September 27, 2013

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Strategies In Writing Cause and Effect Essays

Choosing cause and effect topics could be understood easier if you know what a cause and effect essay is. A Cause and Effect Essay is one which explains the reasons and the results about a particular happening or situation. If you are writing a short essay though concerning the said essay writing format, it is not necessary to state both the cause and effects. It could then be a paper about cause OR effect. Therefore, you may write something about the cause alone or the effect alone.

Writing this form of essay is also good for the mind. That is the case because you will need to arrange it in a logical manner. There are questions that you may use as your guide when writing a cause and effect paper. Those are:

  • Were you able to include the main effects or the cause in your introduction?
  • Were you able to pose sufficient results or reasons to support your point? And if not, what do you think should be included?
  • Were you able to persuade the readers about the effects?

You will have a sudden interest with the things that you usually ignore once you start writing cause and effect papers. That is because you would want to know why an event happened on a particular phenomena. It is very important though to choose the most significant cause if there are several of them. In doing so, it is also your duty to inform your readers that there are also other causes which are considered to be minor.

If you want your readers to act on something, you may want to choose cause and effect paper topics by stating your perceptions. It is like having a plea to your readers and to those who might have been affected.

Here are some interesting topics that might interest you:

  • The causes of obesity among students
  • Effects of smoking
  • Effects of divorcing the marriage to the children
  • The Causes of drug addiction
  • What are the effects of the pressure from peers?

In choosing a topic for your cause and effect papers, it would be a good move to go for a major event. It will bring so much interest to your readers especially those that want to know how you see and treat a particular issue or scenario. You should also ask yourself repeatedly as to why that particular event has happened.