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December 03, 2013

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Getting the A Grade Chicago Style Paper

Indeed, Chicago writing style or Chicago style of writing is among the many styles that were commonly used back in the heydays by the erudite students of University of Chicago. Chicago style format paper has been the most preferred style of documentation especially in the field of History and Humanities like Literature and Art. It is uniquely characterized by citations and references being put in text at the endnote, footnote or bibliography. It is widely used and respected by the College students, History authors, editors among many others.

Characteristics of Chicago style of writing 

For one to produce Chicago style writing or a Chicago style writing example, the following procedures for the page layout have to be taken heed:

I. The type of font used should be Time New Roman, size 12. This is very relevant and should not in any case be forgotten.

II. The document should be double spaced with a one inch margin on the top, bottom and side margin.

III.  The text should be left justified with a non-leveled edge. Remember not to use the newspaper style in which the whole text is fully justified.

IV. The pages should be numbered on the top right corner of the page. Valid information such as the writers’ last name should be included in case the pages are separated. The pages should be numbered right from the first text page to the last text page.

V. You are also required to use ½ indents for the first paragraphs and for the later paragraphs, block quotes and hanging indents are highly recommended.

VI. Depending on the teachers’ approval of how to print, you may go ahead and print as two-sided page or single sided page.

How a Chicago cover page should look like

When it comes to the Cover page, the following instructions should be followed:

I. The title should always be at the center of the paper in the middle of the page half of the way down the page.

II. Your name should be typed just after the title.

III. Your tutor’s name, title of the course, your registration number and the specific date of the typed work should be written at the center, several lines later after your name.

IV. You are also required to strictly use Times New Roman with font size 12. No formatting on the fonts should be made whatsoever.

V. No page number should to be put on the cover page.

All these procedures form the required Chicago style title page.          

Use of names and numbers

  • In introducing a person’s name or an organization’s name, they should be written in full and an acronym in parenthesis included after the organization’s name. For instance; World Football Federation (WFF).
  • After the first introduction of a person’s name to the document, the last name of the person can be used on the rest of the document when referring to him or her. Unlike referring to a person’s name after the first introduction, referring to the organizations name requires one to only use the organization’s acronym only.
  • All numbers less than 100 should be written in word form.

Footnotes and Endnotes

Footnotes are short notes that usually appear at the bottom of the page whereas endnotes are usually placed at the end of the essay but on a separate page. The following guidelines should be used:

  • The note number should be put at the end of the page where the reference is located.
  • The note number should however appear only after all the other punctuations
  • Arabic numerals are the only type of numerals that should be used.
  • Your endnotes should be put at the top of the page with a clear indication of the word ‘Note’ and not ‘Endnote’
  • The required font is Times New Roman with font size 12
  • In each entry, single spaced should be used and double space should only be used between the entries.
  • The beginning lines of both notes should be indented
  • Each note should be indicated with a new number despite of repeated references
  • In case of citing multiple sources in a single note, the different citations should be separated by a semicolon.



    For Chicago bibliography format based on Chicago style cover page, the following instructions should be followed:
    • The bibliography should be placed on a new page with the worry Bibliography placed at the center.
    • The font used should be Times New Roman, with font size of 12. Do not format the fonts
    • Hanging type of indentation should be used with the first line of citation placed right at the margin while the rest are indented.
    • Primary and secondary sources of citation should be put together.
        For the best Chicago style writing format, the following order should be achieved
    • Cover/title page Body of the paper Appendix (if needed) Notes Bibliography
    One can also access our essay websites to view some of the Chicago writing style example in order to get further tips and assistance. Mistakes commonly made
    • First name comes prior the last name when it comes to note format whereas last name comes prior the first name when it comes to bibliography.
    • Each citation should have its own unique number. Do not repeat the number
    • Hanging indents should only be used with bibliography whereas notes use only the first line indent.
    • The alphabetical order in reference to title or author is used in bibliography whereas notes are numbered and listed depending on the sources used.
    • In Chicago format paper, Works Cited should not be put at the top of the bibliography.

    One can however have a look at the Chicago paper format example from some of the renowned online sites. This is to ensure that you’ve keenly followed the above instructions that will for sure reward you with one of the best Chicago style paper format.