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September 06, 2013

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College papers are meant for college students and most of them have no idea on how to write .A college paper is a key factor for getting that certificate and paves way for you to graduate. Some students go to extend of hiring writing services to help. Here are some of the writing strategies to guide you through when writing a college paper.

How to write a college paper

Think outside the box

Every good academic writer will tell you, narrowing yourself down to what is in the book will never make you a great writer. Try to think broadly when putting your ideas together. Study the topic given to you and use different relations to make it better don’t dwell too much on the already known and what is expected. If your topic relates with Shakespearean plays, what the shylock character does to make sure he plays his role well in the merchant of Venice and what is his motivation to the readers. Write down everything you believe is true. Stay on both the general and specific side and see how the topic given relates to the story.

Study aids

Study aids will provide more insights to you about your topic. Pick study aids which have a more similar topic to yours. Read briefly the characters, ideas, facts and outcome of the topics. These aids will help you think up of ideas in a quicker way.

Write to solve a conflict

When we always have a conflict we need to come up with solutions to clear it away. Just like academic writing, readers need to be informed on what the writing is about, what it does to solve some conflict within the society. When writing your college paper on a topic, “marijuana should not be prohibited”. Have strong points to argue your case. You may also mention the bad and good side of marijuana; this will help to pass a message in a balanced way .Conflict can be settled down to agreeing with some aspects and disagreeing with the others.

Personal opinion

Your opinion here matters since you are speaking through writing. Include your opinions about the topic you are writing and also state facts within it. With your own understanding make your personal interpretations and see if other readers will differ with you. When exploring your opinions don’t overdo or exaggerate in some form and avoid repetition. Throw a fact once and readers will draw something from it.

Interpret motivations by putting yourself in the victims or readers shoe and realize what makes them feel motivated towards something. Understand their reasons for certain actions.

Expert’s opinion

As far as your opinion counts try to get other peoples too who have worked or have had experience in your area of writing. Seek the opinion of an expert in the area of your paper; try to find out reasons for his views. You may include the expert’s opinion if you wish in your topic but don’t deviate from the topic since you are the one writing.

Writing trade

Observe all the grammatical rules in any writing. Go through your work read loud to check for any grammatical errors, spell check and see that your punctuation is perfect. A well-written paper is way more likely to make a good impression and persuade the marker that you took your time and efforts in writing it.

Important things to take note when writing a good college paper

  • Use formal English that the audience may understand
  • Write simple less complicated sentences since its an academic writing, avoid using much jargon
  • Include phrases in your writing
  • Avoid repeating of statements already mentioned. makes the paper boring when you are cycling around a point
  • Including the scientific terms used by experts makes the writing clearer and shows that you definitely know what you're writing about.
  • Communicate to your professor through your writing.

College paper format

Most of the professors will give formatting instructions to their students but some instances ignoring is not a big deal. Some times what they pay keen attention to is the number of pages of the college paper. With the font size, font type, and margins or word count you may do the formatting personally.

Use an average font size seen by your professor and choose a professional theme to go with more like Calibri theme. Expand your margins from 1" (2.5cm) all around to 1.10" for a college paper that requires more pages.


  • Cite multiple works by the same author. Having many citations will help you increase your page count.
  • You may use MLA format to write your citations, try to use works or sources from the same authors.
  • Use lead-ins for a new source/author when quoting or summarizing
  • Use graphics such as tables or charts as your illustrations. it is also a good way of convincing your professor.