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October 30, 2013

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When asked to write a compare and contrast essay, you should be able to bring out the comparison or contrasting issues of the things you are discussing. A comparison essay will discuss the similarities between two sets of things while a contrasting essay will bring out the differentiating aspects. Students are often asked to write compare and contrast essay papers in school on different aspects of life. This is because these aspects affect them directly and therefore need to be discussed. In general, all the decisions we make in life have a plus side and a negative side. All that we need to do is consider the merits and demerits then make a decision depending on which one has more merits or which one has the least consequences when it comes to the demerits.

There are two main formats that are followed when writing a good compare and contrast essay.

These are the block approach and the point-by-point approach. Let us use compare and contrast essay example middle school to bring out these two approaches. When considering the college to join, you may have two options. In this way, you may have to write out the similarities and differences they have so as to know which one suit you best. You may therefore use the block format whereby you discuss the important point of one college in one paragraph and then the other college in the next paragraph. The points should follow each other in order. For instance, if you want to discuss the hygiene of the two colleges, start with the first college in the first paragraph and then the other college in the next paragraph. In this way, you will be able to bring out the contrast in the two.

Alternatively, you may use the point-by-point approach whereby you discuss one college and then follow that by discussing the other college in the same paragraph. In this way, you will be able to see clearly the points you have to consider before deciding on the first college or the second. You may use a compare and contrast essay sample to guide you through the process.

Writing a Comprehensive Compare and Contrast Essay

  1. Determine the style or format to use when writing a sample compare and contrast essay. It is important to determine if you will use the block or point-by-point format for your comparison essay example.
  2. You should then clarify on your arguments and make sure that you bring out all your views to the audience. You should be able to introduce what you intend to discuss, discuss it then remind the audience what you have just discussed after completing the essay.
  3. You should always strive to impress or catch the attention of your audience. This will give them a reason to continue reading your paper. If you are not very sure on what to do, you may consider looking at comparison essay examples on the internet which will help you get a clearer picture. The audience may not tolerate mediocrity and may therefore not read your paper.
  4. You should also ensure that you are precise with your points. Do not go around your points and avoid giving half-baked answers or opinions. It is always helpful to be precise since it keeps the reader wanting to read more.
    An Outline That You May Use

Below is an outline that you may consider using when writing a comparison essay

1. Introduction

This is where you state the purpose of your essay and indicate your thesis statement

2. Topic 1

In this section, consider the first topic of your argument. This means that you should look at the similarities and differences of the first topic and state them clearly. Do not go into the other topics that you may have. Discuss one at a time.

3. Topic 2

Discuss the second topic that you have lined up in the essay. Avoid getting into the first topic and concentrate on the second one.

4. Topic 1 and 2

In this section, bring the two topics together and discuss them. Since the two topics have been discussed comprehensively in the previous paragraphs, all you have to do is passing through your arguments one last time.

5. Conclusion

This section sums up your arguments and helps to consolidate your facts.


A. Introduction

This is whereby you familiarize your thoughts to the audience

B. All comparisons

In this section, you look at all the similarities that the two topics have. Do not leave anything behind and ensure that your thoughts are conclusive.

C. All contrasts

Discuss all the differences between the two topics that you are dealing with. Avoid mentioning any similarities in this section.

D. Conclusion

Sum up all your arguments in favor and against your topics. This will help to wrap up your essay.