Compare and Contrast Topics

October 08, 2013

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In everyday way of living, we have to make multiple of decisions of the things that we need to do and how to do them. Most of the decisions that we make in life greatly involve compare and contrast ideas of one thing to another. We are always confronted by choices of how to pick things at the expense of others and the best way to go about a matter. For example, you may have enough money to either buy a television set or a refrigerator but not both. Therefore you have to decide which of the two items you are going to pick at the expense of the other.

This is what a comparison essay is all about; it is all about getting good compare and contrast topics to write about. You have to think of the characteristics that make the two objects similar and different at the same time. It is therefore very important to think of what you are going to write about before you jump into writing the comparing and contrasting topics. You need to have a plan and an organized method in which you align your thoughts to look at the comparison and contrast topics you are writing about. To achieve this you may decide to come up with a small chart to aid you.

By creating a chart, you are able to guide your thoughts into seeing the bigger picture of the objects you are writing about. It helps you to form a mental picture of the differences and the similarities that the objectives have in common. The list helps you to draw columns of similarities, differences and even some comments you may need on topics to compare and contrast. You may also want to include some examples to help you in making the various conclusions and analysis. Your argument in your thesis will need a good comparison of two closely related objectives or objects such as attending classes and taking distance learning courses.

The lists that you create help you to come up with a conclusive statement that puts together your overall thought of the compare and contrast topics you have picked. This statement will be the guiding sentence that you will use in your thesis writing. for instance in your comparison between taking a distance learning course at the expense of attending classes, you might come up with a conclusion like, ‘distance learning is cheaper but requires more discipline and a strong personality for the student to learn.’ This also helps you to know the good things to compare and contrast

How you are able to derive the differences in your writing will provide the points that you need in writing the body of your work. By taking each comparison at a time you will be able to derive the various points that you need. You can take a point for every paragraph you write. In every way your plan is to compare the two objects as much as you can so as to fill your body with information and not just repetition. That is why it important to research on your work and be thorough enough to make the various conclusions.

The main idea in writing comparison paper topics is to be as creative as possible.

You may pick topics that do not seem to be comparable but will capture the attention of your reader. It does not matter what you are comparing and contrasting, what matters is how you use your points to drive the point home. In every set of objectives that you decide to use in your comparison essay, they will usher in possibilities of having similar characteristics and contrasting characteristics that you can use in your writing. It does not matter what criteria you use at coming up with the topics, they may look like compare and contrast topics for kids but they will definitely be something to write about. Some of the topics include;

  • Your best high school party and your worst
  • Being drunk to being high on drugs
  • Being popular to being wealthy
  • Being an atheist and being religious
  • Being disciplined to being smart
  • Your best day in school and your worst
  • Being embarrassed to being broke
  • Staying with your mum and staying with your dad