Creating the Ideal Student Job

September 11, 2015

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Student Employment

How would you define the ideal student job? We asked this question to many of the staffers at Smart Custom Writing, and we received a variety of answers. One of our writers selected movie theater usher due to the perks of being able to watch movies for free. Another person mentioned video game beta tester. In spite of the different answers that we received, we noticed a few common themes in every response. It seems as if everybody agreed that the ideal student's job should fun, preferably based around the student's interests, relatively well-paying, and very flexible. So, we began exploring student employment options that would work for many college students. To be honest, most of the standard jobs available to college students didn't really hit the mark. This made us rethink things a bit. We were going to write a post about finding a great job, but ultimately decided to write about ways in which students can create job opportunities for themselves.

Private Tutoring

Believe it or not, you don't need to be a genius student to tutor others. For example, even an average college student can provide home work help to a student in elementary school, junior high, and early high school. Depending on the area that you live in, you can charge up to $20 per hour and still beat the rates of expensive professional tutors or homework/learning centers that often require long term contracts. This is a great job if you are friendly, responsible, and have the patience to work with kids who may tend to get frustrated. Tutoring is a job that requires very little investment up front. Just print up a few fliers to post in grocery stores and contact some local schools to let them know you are offering your services. You may need to pay a small fee for a background check since you will be working with kids.

Birthday Parties

If you like kids, but don't like the idea of providing homework help to them, you may want to try your hand at planning and running parties for them. Parents love the idea of a birthday party where they can relax and enjoy their children without doing a lot of clean up, chasing, and moderating activities. This is where you come in. For a set price per child, you can plan the party, make the invitations, and oversee the activities. Then, when the party is over, clean up the mess. You'll be even more popular if you can plan parties around popular themes such as Frozen, Minions, Big Hero 6, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Dinosaurs, or Princesses. Need ideas for games and activities? Pinterest is your best friend. You'll need to invest in arts and craft supplies, game equipment, and party supplies initially.

Selling Unwanted Items

This may not be a job in the most technical sense, but it is a great way to make money. Rather than throwing items away for example, take moment to consider whether or not the item has a resale value. There is a huge market for items such as used phones, video games, stereo equipment, and more. If you have a truck available or a large car, you can also begin scrapping metal. After all, what college student doesn't have access to plenty of aluminum cans. If you are really ambitious, you can find out when large trash pick up days are in the neighborhoods near campus. This is a great time to pick up metal furniture, old vacuum cleaners, car batteries, and  other items that bring in big dollars at the scrap yard.