Domestic Violence Essay

June 09, 2015

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How to write an Essay on Domestic Violence: A Simple Guide

It is becoming more and more prevalent for instructors to assign students domestic violence essays. This is most likely due to the seriousness of this issue, and the negative impact of this serious issue on society as a whole. If you are planning on writing an essay on a subject so serious, you should probably carefully consider which Domestic violence essay topics you are going to cover.  Of course, to write an essay about domestic violence, we need to know exactly what domestic violence is. Domestic violence is most commonly referred to as “Spousal Abuse”. Spousal abuse is when someone’s partner becomes hostile, enraged, and even violent but, domestic violence is not limited to spouses or partners. If you became ferocious and rude toward your parents, siblings, or children, that is also domestic violence. Let’s review how to write an essay on domestic violence by following this simple domestic violence essay outline.

  1. You’ll most likely end up writing a descriptive essay or an argumentative essay on domestic violence. Although it is possible that you may be required to analyze another written work about domestic violence.
  2. The first step you are going to take will be selecting your topic. Here are a few sample topics that may help you with your selection:
    • Write an argumentative essay about the best treatment methods for first-time domestic violence offenders.
    • Is it possible to predict which children will grow up to be violent towards family members and partners? Is there a way to intervene in the teen years?
    • What can be done about domestic violence between same-sex partners?
    • Describe the negative impacts of domestic violence on children.
    • Should there be a federal registry of people who have been convicted of domestic violence related crimes?
    • Is there enough help available for men who are victims of domestic violence?
  3. So, now that you’ve picked your topic, you can start with your domestic violence essay introduction. Talk about your feelings on the subject. How do you that the courts, police, and hospitals feel? Ask a few classmates to answer some questions for your domestic violence research paper and get their opinions how we should be handling these situations. Remember, don’t give the reader all of the information at once! You are only introducing the topic, letting the readers know what your thesis is.
  4. The next portion might be the most important of an essay on domestic violence: The body paragraphs are where you will make most of your points, and give the reader the whole story. Talk about what you think causes domestic abuse and what you can do to stop domestic violence altogether. However, do not forget that as you write your domestic violence essay, you must provide evidence along with anecdotal information from your experiences or those of others.
  5. The final step in our Domestic violence essay conclusion is, to sum up, the point of your essay. Include some questions such as ‘What will happen if we don’t help people out of domestic abuse?’ Keep the ending short and sweet. Make sure that you reiterate your point without simply repeating your thesis.

Finally, look over your essay and ask yourself, “If I saw this in the newspaper would I read it?” Add, remove, and change your work until you think it is just right. Look over your essay for spelling or grammar errors. Try to have a fellow student review your final draft. It is always important to have another person give their take on the quality of your essay. Finally, keep in mind that you can get all kinds of essay writing assistance at