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September 10, 2013

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Editing task

Every time that you write an essay, you have to go through it making sure that you have your idea intact. It is also a step that is geared towards eliminating any mistakes that you may have within your text. This is an important undertaking because you do not want to present a paper that is full of mistakes to your audience. This is the reason why proofreading becomes a tedious task to you, but if you understand its importance, then there is no way that you will fail to do it. Proofreading and editing means that time that you ought to go each step at a time. You need not worry about how long you will take but rest assured as an essay editor, your work will be flawless if you take it easy. But of importance here is the fact that time will vary depending on the length of the essay.

Picture this:

  1. If you used a word processor to write your essay, most of them do offer spellcheckers. Essay editing here becomes easy because you will correct spelling mistakes as you go along.
  2. On the same note, there are those programs that have grammar checker. This makes your editing less tedious. These checkers look for any grammatical mistakes that may be there and corrects them as you go along.
  3. When you take the initiative of checking your essay manually, then you are supposed to make a copy of your essay. Make the next step of reading through the copy and start from your thesis statement. This will make you see if the information you have supports your thesis, if it is clear and if not, you will have to edit it.
  4. You will also have to ensure that your introductory paragraph has been developed the way you wanted. It should set a tone that will continue throughout the essay. Even when doing mba essay editing, this is a step that you ought to consider.
  5. Be in a position to check the structure of each paragraph. Each paragraph should have information that is convincing. It should also have sentences which are ambiguous for that matter. Still on sentences, ensure that you have eliminated any sentences which are irrelevant to your essay. On the same note, it will be important to check on all sentence transitions. Even an editorial essay can sound unfit if they do not have good sentence transitions.
  6. Make sure that the conclusion of your essay summarizes your thesis statement. Ensure that it is in tandem with the overall essay structure. In as far as online essay editing is concerned, it is imperative to have this fact in mind. Conclusions should not sprout new ideas. This is because it will leave a lasting impression to your readers. You have to make sure that it makes sense in anyway whatsoever.
  7. Read your essay aloud pausing as required by punctuations. This helps in determining the flow as well as the sound of your essay, so to speak.
  8. If everything is rewritten, make the manual check on the entire essay making sure that your grammar, spelling and punctuation is in order. Even an online essay editor will do that.
  9. Ensure that you give another person a chance to read your essays. This will help you make improvements in some areas. If in any case you do not find anyone to do it for you, shelve it for some time and essay edit later.
  10. Use just one word processor, to make a final check on your essay. If possible, take it as the final stage of editing an essay.

It is important to note that:

  • When writing your essay, you have to allow time to do editing.
  • Get to follow the directions as provided in your assignment. If you were given a word count, abide by it.
  • Make sure you check on every fact.
  • Make sure you have an outline prior to writing. When editing, refer to the outline to ensure you have covered all the necessary points.
  • Make a slow proofreading. You will miss errors when you read fast.
  • So every time you are presented with editorial essay topics, you take each and every step at a time. Any editorial essay example will be very important to you as you go along.