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October 23, 2013

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Writing an essay introduction

Every essay that any writer is going to put down must have an introduction. This is the first paragraph which sets the tone, poses a question or tells what’s coming next in an essay. An introduction to an essay should be formulated in a captivating way. An essay introduction generator can help here. Remember that it is the doo through which the reader gets into your idea, so to say. This means that is should be short, precise and to the point. This is the part which will make the reader want to find out more about your essay. So it will be important if the essay introduction creates interest.

How to capture your readers with a good introduction

A. Create a word hook.

Ensure that you pull your readers in with a hook. A good and great hook will make your essay irresistible to the reader and he won’t put your essay down if your first line is fascinating enough. It should also be in a position to leave him intrigued or even somehow outraged. There are many introduction examples for essays which have hooks in different forms

Using a proved statistic or a fact can be one way of starting your essay introductions. Either of the two should serve to surprise the reader, thereby triggering the interest to continue reading your essay.

It is important to note that:

While the fact remains relevant to whatever that you are talking about, the introduction is not the place to discuss the evidence for your facts as well as the other information that is down in the main text.

You could also use an anecdote as a hook. Writing an informal paper could use a relevant, moving story or some humor. This will help in providing the context as well as allowing the reader to know what you are writing about. You can use any essay introduction examples that you main find in any given informal writing. It is noteworthy that using the first person in an essay is sometimes inappropriate. You therefore have to check your hook for this kind of a mistake.

A good introduction essay example starting with an anecdote can be like the one below.

‘Eve was walking down a dusty and dilapidated road during evening when two hooded men emerged from the adjacent buildings and started following her. Before she knew it, they grabbed and threw her into a waiting car which sped off full throttle. It dawned on her that knew she was kidnapped’

A quotation can also form a hook. It is a very appropriate way to start introductions to essays. It links the essay to a point in history as well as to something that is universal.

A question also is very captivating depending on what you want to discuss. You won’t lack many sample essay introductions which have questions as their hook. When writing an essay introduction which uses a question hook, it should show relevance as well as provocation.

The transit to the thesis

Some hooks need explanation lest they die out. Quotation and question hooks in an introduction essay require expounding. The way that you expound on your quote has some impact on your thesis as well as how it makes sense. Outlining the argument could be one way to transition to your thesis. Look for a way that your introduction to essay will connect with what you want to discuss. For instance, talking about history in your introduction for an essay will require giving ideas and how they relate to your thesis.

Thesis writing

Get to understand what a thesis is. An essay is based on a thesis statement which is a single or two sentences. Never start writing an essay without knowing your thesis statement. Do not even use essay examples if you do not know what you are using as your basis of your argument.

Another thing worth noting is that you can start other paragraphs before formulating the rest of the introduction. There are various examples of essay introductions that you can use later. Ensure you interpret correctly any assigned question correctly.

Do not write an essay in the first person, not unless it’s personal.