Globalization Essay

May 23, 2015

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The Globalization Essay – The Possibilities are Endless

Our world is becoming tiny indeed. As technology improves the way we do almost everything, it only stands to reason that everyone on the planet who is using that technology will have opportunities to communicate with one another. And with that communication comes the establishment of personal, educational, business, and commercial bonds. As these bonds become more widespread, moreover, they expand into all areas of life, and the nationalistic pride that once made us stay within our own borders is crumbling more every day. Many believe, in fact, that, as we become more inter-connected as humans, the possibilities of conflict and war may subside as well – it’s a nice thought! Because globalization is such a current and controversial topic, it has become the topic of essay assignments in a wide variety of college coursework – economics, business, sociology, IT, and political science, just to name a few. If you have been charged with an essay on globalization, you have lots of possibilities for specific topics and types.

The Persuasive Essay About Globalization

Given that globalization is already a fact, it is strange that one would think a persuasive essay would work. However, keep in mind that there are still large groups of people within borders of countries who want to back away from this phenomenon and return to greater isolationism. They see globalization as a threat to employment, belief systems, national values and culture, and they resist efforts to cooperate more fully with other countries. Writing the advantages of globalization essay would speak to all of the positive things that have come from this phenomenon thus far and perhaps more advantages that are yet to come. Think, for example, of the advances in medicine that will be achieved as researchers from all over the world cooperate and share the results of their work.

The anti-globalization essay will be of the persuasive type as well. This essay will focus on the negative impact of globalization, such as outsourcing jobs, opening one’s borders to individuals who may be planning terrorist attacks, and to the decline of traditional cultures and mores when cultural “mixing” occurs. There are points to be made here, certainly.

The Argumentative Globalization Essay

The positive and negative effects of globalization essay will be covered in this essay type, because both sides must be presented. To cover both sides of this argument well, you may spend a great deal of time online, looking at the arguments and then getting them into your own words. Moreover, remember that you should take a stand one way or another, but you must identify the arguments of the other side and attempt to reduce their significance. If you do not wish to take a stand in your positive and negative effects of globalization essay, then you can simply report the arguments of each side objectively, and then you have an expositive, not an argumentative, essay.

Whichever type of essay you decide to write on globalization, you will need information, facts, and data to support the points you will be making. As well, you will need to organize that information into logical sub-topics that will make up the body paragraphs of your essay. Further, you will need to be very careful about citations, because you cannot “steal” others’ data or opinions. You must give credit to those who are more expert than you. And once all of your information is organized well, you will still have to compose the piece in a scholarly fashion. All of these steps take time, to be sure, but getting a good grade requires them.

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