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November 18, 2013

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The Best Research Paper Topics For Government

There are several topics to choose from when writing a research paper about the government. That includes environment, social, and educational issues. Choosing a specific field of government would be a great strategy to pick the topic. You can also relate it to your personal field of study. For instance, you have a background with science; why not choose writing about the environment?

Society Programs

This would include child support, child trafficking, adoption and others. These are some areas which the government is controlling. You may want to write something about a particular program or law in connection to the assistance which the government provides.


The government not only supervises the education but they also assure that every people will have equal right to education. The topics for your research may focus on educational benefits for the youth, the budget for education, No Child Left Behind Act, and others.


The agency of the government in charge of the environment is the EPA or Environmental Protection Agency. They are tasked to regulate the air and water quality. They need to promote equal treatment to all people for the environmental benefits. There is variety of topics to choose from and that may include the challenges being encountered by EPA for the promotion of equality.

Government Essay Topics To Choose From

In the recent years, many students have preferred government research paper topics. Of course, choosing such field would require extensive research particularly with what are being covered by the chosen government agency. The government topics for research papers may use some newspapers for its basis. Here are the topics which will make your assignment easier.

The Principles Of The American Government

This topic would include democracy, rule of law, limited government, the Electoral College, and more.

The Issues Being Faced By The Federal Government

During the time of George Washington in 1789, the Federal Government has faced some challenges after the Constitution has taken effect.

The US Government And Religion

Write how religion has influenced the United States. There are several proof which are available. It also includes the question on how the government has positively impacted the nation’s welfare.

Parliamentary Vs. Presidential Form Of Government

The Parliament of England as compared to the Presidential form of the United States. How did they affect and influenced the other countries? What are their key and important characteristics?