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September 10, 2013

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How to Make an Attractive Grant Writing in Forwarding a Proposal

Grant is a written proposal you write when you are planning to request for a given amount of funds for a particular project or idea from a given funder.

What is grant writing?

You have possibly heard of the term grant or grant writing and possibly wondered what they meant. . Therefore what is grant writing, it is the act of writing to a funder in request for a particular amount of funds that you need. It is not as simply as just saying the amount, but rather you have to aim at convincing your funder that you are worthy of managing the funds that you are requesting for. There are a number of guidelines that you should take into considerations when writing

The Project that Needs Funding

Before you can run for a help grant, you should have in mind the kind of project that you are requesting funding for; this is because when it comes to getting a funder for your work, you have to run a background check on what kinds of projects they are normally committed to finance. Every financing institutions have their set target groups and have key areas that they invest in. this helps them to know how viable various projects are by carrying out their simulation calculations. When you come to us at as your professional grant writer, we are not only able to guide you in writing but also in getting to know some of the potential funders for your project.

The Project Funder and the Project Design

Once you have been able to identify the project funder, you need to know what it they are looking for in your grant writing is. This helps you know the contents of your work and which parts of your writing need to come out very clearly. This makes your writing very attractive and precise. Your help grant proposal should then be customized to your particular funder’s requirements. Your project design also helps you to know what grant writing aim to your funder is and why they need specific instructions to work with. The following is layout of the writing;

1. The Executive Summary

This highlights and explains what the project is all about,

  • What it will accomplish
  • The kind of cost that the project might incur in initializing and possibly running
  • The kind of management that will be in place to carry out the day to day activities of the project

2. The Statement of Need

This highlights the following;

  • The reasons why the project is needed with key statistical data to support your arguments
  • Why the organization should be given the grant to carry out the project

3. The Project Description

This part highlights the projects;

  • Goals and objectives
  • The methods set in place to efficiently run the project,
  • The staff program
  • A sustainability program to keep the project running

4. The Organization Information

You should then explain the following in this part,

  • The mission or history of the organization,
  • A summary of the past projects that you have carried out

5. The Project Budget

This part you should explain the costs that the project will incur in running it

6. The Attachments

This is where you list down all the financial statements that you have and letters to support your need.