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October 24, 2013

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The Efficiency Of Graphic Organizers In Writing

Graphic organizers for writing help the writers to organize their thoughts and ideas. It also allows them to have a full understanding regarding the matter before they make their initial steps. It is made from diagram or a visual map and some are usually connected by some arrows. It is very much helpful to the writers especially when what they are to study is too broad and is too general. Many educational institutions are also using the said method to help their students become more familiar with the flow of what they are going to discuss.

Here are some types of graphic organizers:

  • Expository Writing Graphic Organizers – it is more of filling out the blanks. It is generally used by those people that are just starting to write. In using the expository graphic organizer, the information that you have entered will help you with the flow.
  • Descriptive Writing Graphic Organizer – in making this type of graphic organizer, it will be a wise move if the writer is just going to write whatever is in his or her mind. He should avoid interruptions as it will give a hard time in completing it once he stopped. No worries as it can always be edited once completed.
  • Ethnographic Paper – is a form of paper which is a part of the field of anthropology. It allows the writer to include everything that he has observed in connection to the lives of that particular group or culture. The writer can be a participant observer so that he can observe their movements more closely. By simply participating in that particular group, the writer will be able to express some things which may not be present without such form of interaction and participation. Experiencing the thing is a better source of information than obtaining them from other sources.

It has become necessary and a tool to use these graphic organizers like the graphic organizer for expository writing. It has become very helpful as it can be used as a guide by simply taking a glimpse of it. The one using the organizer will get the clue that he needs in case he forgets something regarding the particular topic. Creating such graphs can be compared to cheat-sheets wherein the user can find relief when they are in need of some information.

Using the expository writing organizer will make everything organized. With some information that is needed to be filled out, it can definitely become a guide to organize everything before the ideas are written in the paper. Many writers have found their relief with using graphic organizers for expository writing, it would save them time and effort as most of the things that they need to know are already found in the graph that they have created ahead of the writing proper.

Its efficiency is truly valuable as it is also being used in the teaching profession. The teachers and professors are using it as guide to further improve their ideas about the subject matter. Their thoughts are much organized and can intelligently express it to their learners.