High school research paper samples

November 01, 2013

Content blog high school research paper samples

When you are writing a political science or biology or economics research paper, writing is only 50% the task. Before you can start with your assignment, it is important to study the subject to locate relevant information on the topic and evaluate all the issues as well as form your argument. Writing the paper is the final step but before that, a high school research paper example highlights the following steps to be taken before:

  • Understand the topic relevant to the subject assigned to you for research
  • Consider and then re-consider the process you are going to apply
  • Manage time and fix deadlines for every step of the paper you have to perform
  • Consider and keep in mind possible topics
  • While looking for information, remember to browse, read and relax
  • Take tips from your previous experience and become aware of your mistakes
  • Note down your questions and ideas
  • Either brainstorm alone or take help from friends

By this stage, the information search is in need of a “bird’s eye” view of relevant topics as you rack your brain for more ideas and locate different sources in order to get help in various topics.


Understanding the assignment:

Carefully read the instructions given for the assignment and be sure to fully interpret what the director has in mind and on the kind of grounds that you would be graded. Academic sample high school research papers have the following common type of features:


Students will be given a topic or a variety of topics by a teacher to select from and will be asked to prepare a research paper over the chosen topic. The Individual study is an outline of this type of research paper. Students will be judged on how well they manage their research, evaluate and assemble the information and present it in a written form clearly. At times verbal presentation to the class is required.

Issue Analysis

Research papers may highlight a certain issue or trouble in a path of study. The paper may be centered on evaluation of the problem and finding its solutions, if possible from both current and historic point of view. The stance of the writer is usually that of an observer who remains neutral rather than an advocate of a certain posture. The quality of the work is mostly on the basis of how fully and clearly the student has highlighted the basic and important aspects of the issue involved.