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December 25, 2013

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The Art Of Paraphrasing

So what is paraphrasing or what is paraphrase?  Paraphrasing means to re-write a text using other words and still render the same meaning. It is a real challenge for every writer as there is always a need to find the best and right words to make the same sense appear in the re-written words. In other words, it is used to write the message using your very own words.

Paraphrasing is very important to avoid committing plagiarism. There is plagiarism if the writer is not able to recognize his or her sources in connection to what was been written. Quotation marks should also be included in stating the exact words which was given by the original author.

How to paraphrase the texts? It is not really necessary to paraphrase the entire sentence or paragraph. Choosing the words or sentences that have the exact connection to what you are trying to write is the only thing required. That is the reason why you would usually find “…..” dots in some texts. Looking for some examples of paraphrasing will give you an idea on how to do it.

Here are some strategies for good paraphrasing:

  • Read and understand the text before re-writing it.

    Reading it several times until you get the idea is very important. That is great strategies so that you will no longer need to re-read and copy it while doing the paraphrasing.

  • Re-arrange the content

There is no requirement that you should re-write everything according to its arrangement. You should try writing the latter portion instead of stating the ideas found at the beginning. It can also be used when the original writing has stated some enumerations. It will be a great move if you are going to shuffle them unless they needed to be arranged the way it is originally written.

  • Using different words

    Knowing your synonyms will definitely help. Synonyms are those words that have the same meaning. The synonyms can be used as replacement for the original words.

  • Check the texts that you have re-written

    To make sure that you were able to put in the right meaning, take time to check it whenever you complete a particular sentence. Checking it will also allow you to set the most appropriate tone for your writing

  • If you cannot avoid using the same sentences, always make sure to state your sources.

    Plagiarism should always be avoided in writing. Those original writers have devoted their time and effort to compose it so it is just proper to recognize that a particular statement has originated from them.

    This sample should be taken seriously. If the original sentence is “example of paraphrasing”, you cannot just state example of paraphrase, example of a paraphrase or examples of paraphrase. It is not the logical way to paraphrase such sentence. The way to do it should be “here is the best paraphrasing example”. In paraphrasing, everything should be considered including its tenses, if it is singular or plural, and others.