How to Write a Narrative Essay

January 15, 2014

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I think the big question is what is a narrative essay? A narrative essay is one of the most exciting writings that anyone can read. One is taken away by the characters and the excitement of the story that unfolds and is caught up in the time frame of the story. Well this excitement is not compared to the one you get in writing a narrative. This is because when it comes to writing an essay you have the opportunity to write of an experience and more exciting exposures.

There are no restrictions as to what you can write in a narrative. It may entail what you have experienced as well as what you have learnt or heard being narrated. The narrative is an interesting way of teaching a lesson and that which is aimed at the audience getting an experience.

Steps in Writing a Narrative Essay

  1.  Come up with the kind of experience you would like to narrate about
  2.  Identify the kind of lesson you would like the audience to learn from the narrative
  3.  Take your time in gathering the sources of your story that you will use.
  4.  Come up with a skeleton part of the whole narrative

When you decide on which experience you will write about, the following are some of the guidelines that you can use on how to write a narrative essay.

  1. You need to explain what you experience entails by dividing it in parts and explaining each part individually
  2. You do not need to paraphrase word for word everything that happened; you can spice it up by recreating the story in way that you are able to capture the readers.
  3. Capture the attention of the readers by telling them what they are able to process in their minds and build up your story from what they are able to conceptualize.
  4. You can choose to eliminate some of the details that are not all that important to the narrative.

Communicating the Experience

It is important to let the reader understand your experience clearly. It is important to ask yourself as to how to write narrative essay that capture the reader’s attention. The following are essential guidelines.

  • It is important to let the narrative flow from the beginning. Therefore you can have an introductory sentence that introduces the whole story and that captures the readers from the beginning.
  • What the readers are really interested in is the narrative and therefore the reader jumps straight into the narrative and follows the story. Therefore you should just start your narrative from the beginning.  Again end the story by briefly explaining the significance of the narrative.
  • It is important to capture the curiosity of the reader’s right from the beginning. Therefore you can simply begin your story in the first paragraph and delay telling the experience until the end of the story.