How to Write an Excellent Frederick Douglass Essay

August 04, 2015

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Frederick Douglass escaped slavery to become one of the most well-known and respected members of the abolitionist movement. He had a position of an advisor to Abraham Lincoln on the moment of the civil war, was a well-respected statesman, and wrote at length on the issues of slavery and the rights of women and Native Americans. He is considered by many to be the originator of the Civil Rights movement. If you are taking an American History class, you will probably learn quite a bit about Douglass when you cover the civil war. You may also be asked to write a Frederick Douglass essay. If you do, chances are you will want to do this great historical figure justice by writing an excellent essay.

Suggested Topics for Essays on Frederick Douglass

There is certainly no shortage of essay topic ideas about Frederick Douglass. Here are just a few that we have come up with:

  • Write a Frederick Douglass learning to read and write essay on Douglass’s famous account of learning to read and write as a slave.
  • Select a twenty year period from the life of Frederick Douglass. Write a narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass essay about this period.
  • Write a descriptive essay about Frederick Douglass detailing the work he did for the women’s movement.
  • Select a written work by Frederick Douglass and write a literary analysis or critique.
  • Compare and contrast Frederick Douglass with a modern civil rights leader.

Frederick Douglass Research Hints

In order to write a great essay on Douglass, you must read the words the man himself wrote. Start by finding a copy of Learning to Read and Write Frederick Douglass essay. Then, move on to a few of Douglass’s other speeches and essays. This will give you a great perspective on Douglass’s character, life experience, and world view. In addition to this, Douglass has been the subject of multiple scholarly articles. Be sure to use your university’s academic database to find a few of these to use as reference sources.

Composing the Thesis

After researching, you will want to begin working on a thesis statement. As you compile and organize your notes, start writing key facts about Frederick Douglass. This will help you decide on the main focus of your essay, and eventually your thesis. Once you have written your thesis, you are ready to begin working on the first draft of your paper.

Frederick Douglass Essay Writing Help

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