Literacy Narrative Essay

May 29, 2015

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Things to Consider When Writing a Literacy Narrative Essay

Literacy refers to reading and writing. A narrative is a story. So, when you combine these two terms, plus the assignment of an essay related to them, you should understand that you will be writing a personal story related to your development of reading and writing skills. If you are unsure about how to write a literacy narrative essay, then you have probably come to this page for some assistance. Having never had such an assignment before, you might quite commonly be asking, “What is a literacy essay?” or “What are some good literary narrative essay topics?” Hopefully, this page will help you in your struggles to complete your essay assignment.

A Definition

The literacy narrative essay will first and foremost be a reflective essay on an experience and/or event you have had related to learning how to read or write. Some literacy narrative essays, for example, may relate to a particular teacher you had who was responsible, in one way or another, for a breakthrough in your learning how to read; other literary narrative essay ideas may come from a specific course or teacher you had in high school that impacted your ability to write well; still other literacy narrative essay on reading and writing assignment ideas may be drawn from your voracious reading habits that turned you into a creative and skilled writer.

Where to Find Literacy Narrative Essay Ideas

A really productive activity for you to find good ideas is to do an online search for examples of literacy narrative essays. Once not a common assignment, more and more teachers and professors are assigning this topic, and so there are now plenty of literacy narrative essay samples to view. Be careful – you may use ideas and concepts but you may not “lift” an essay and attempt to submit it as your own. You will get caught, and the consequences will be quite harsh.

Preparing to Write Your Literacy Narrative Essay

Remember, a narrative is a story, and that is what you will be doing in this essay – telling your story or the story of someone else you know. You may have a specific event in your life that will make a great personal literacy narrative essay, or you may have a story to tell about another individual whose literacy you impacted in a meaningful way. For example, have you volunteered as a tutor with young children and had a big success? Have you worked with adults who do not have literacy skills or immigrants who are just learning the language? Any of these events would make a compelling literacy narrative essay on reading and writing!

Once You Have Your Story Identified: Now is the time to organize what you plan to say. The best method of organization will be a literacy narrative essay outline. Because you are telling a story, your outline will cover the events in a chronological manner, so preparing the outline should not be difficult. You are going to use that outline to write your essay, so that you are certain you do not leave out any important points.

The Rest is Normal Procedure: You know that you will write a rough draft, clean it up, and then write the final product for submission. As you think about your introduction, however, try to provide a shocking statistic on literacy or a small anecdote that motivates you reader to want to hear what you have to say. Great introductions often mean the difference between a mediocre and a great grade!

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